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Comparison of Everton Engineering and TDP

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Everton Engineering Ltd To: Mr Harrison From: David Roberts Subject: comparison of Everton Engineering and TDP Date: 27/01/02 Organised Everton Engineering's business structure is organised like this: Shareholders Chairman Managing Directors Board of Directors Department Managers Supervisors Staff TDP's business structure is organised like this: Partners Senior Partners Junior Partners Staff From this I can tell that TDP is a more organised business because the staff in Everton Engineering have to go through six different levels till they get to speak to the people in charge, this means it has a hierarchal structure, where as TDP's staff only have to go through three people to speak to the people in charge, this means they have a flat structure. This will make the staff feel more important because they are speaking to more powerful people and this will motivate the staff to work harder. Also it would take the staff five promotions to get to the top in the Everton Engineering business and in TDP it would only take two, this is going to motivate the staff more as well. ...read more.


These have been able to change quickly to changing consumer demands. This means the Japanese business TDP give the consumers what they want and so they go to them instead of Everton Engineering. Everton Engineering is not a flexible business, which means it can't change to meet the demands of the consumer. I know this because in the text it says that the board of Directors have the overall say on what happens in the business, this makes it a inflexible business because he's not going to change his ways because he got a good job so no need to change things. Communication Everton Engineering has bad communication because in the text it says 'issues regarding quality and customer care, which the marketing and sales department hear from customers, are rarely communicated to the production department. This proves there is bad communication because it shows the departments within a business are not communicating and so they are not learning from their mistakes they are making with their products. ...read more.


This shows that they believe that team spirit is a vital thing for their staff to have. Also in the text it says they can be trusted to get on with their work and they have a good record for meeting deadlines. This shows that having a well-built staff that can be trusted can only benefit the business. This also saves money on the wages that Everton Engineering is spending on supervisors and they can put that into developing their products. Conclusion Looking at the information I have gathered when comparing the two businesses I have come to the conclusion that TDP is a better-run company because it meets deadlines, is flexible to meet consumer demands. Also with this good record it has staff it can trust and staff that want to work for them. Everton Engineering does not have trust in their staff and is not a flexible business so it can't change with the external environment (PESTL). This already gives TDP the upper hand when selling their products and increases the chance of surviving in the business world. David Roberts Mr Harrison ...read more.

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