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Comparison of stakeholders interest and influence. Apple vs. Mercedes Benz

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________________ Table of Contents Introduction Comparison of stakeholders interest and influence Aims of Apple Part 1 Aims of Mercedes Benz Part 2 Strategic planning and missions and values Strategic aims and objectives and organisations aims and objectives Organisations analysed via. SMART Direct influence towards the creation of the strategic plan How stakeholders seek to influence aims & objectives of a business Part 1 - What are the stakeholders trying to achieve from influencing the organisation? Part 2 - What impact to they have in shaping the aims and objectives of the organisation. Refer to the aims and objectives you have listed in points 4-5. Evaluate the influence different stakeholders exert in one organisation ________________ Introduction We have been asked to describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses and explain how their style of organisation helps them to fulfil their purposes. Further we have been requested to explain the points of view of different stakeholders seeking to influence the aims and objectives of two chosen contrasting organisations and to additionally evaluate the influence of different stakeholders exert in one organisation. Comparison of stakeholders interest and influence Stakeholder of Apple Inc. What are the stakeholder?s interests in the business? How does the stakeholder affect the business? Customers Customers of Apple Inc. are interested in good service and good quality products for value of money and prices given. The business could be affected as customers could motivate the Apple designer and producers to produce better quality products and further research into cutting-edge technology. Employees The employees of Apple Inc. are very interested in the success of the company as their salary may rise or other work benefits may occur. Employees directly affect the company, as they are involved in producing and distributing the product. If the business is profitable and rising, they will then work more efficiently therefore increasing overall profits within the business. ...read more.


Customers influence the aims and objectives of a business by comparing services with other companies, or finding better value for their money. According to Apple analysis blog (1), Apple Inc. has stated that their ?suppliers must understand this dynamic business environment and be agile and flexible in responding to changing business conditions?. This is why the suppliers (stakeholder) play a big role in influencing what aims and objectives can and can?t be set. (1) http://appleanalyses.wordpress.com/3-stakeholder/ Part 1 - What are the stakeholders trying to achieve from influencing the organisation? Stakeholders could have many agendas to influence a business. All which could benefit the stakeholder himself or the company. Mercedes Benz Customers ? The customers could gain a major advantage by having the chance to pressurise Mercedes Benz by demanding better cars in the coming future. They could also demand more affordable prices for cars as we are in an economic crisis. To react to this, Mercedes could introduce offers and 0% commission rates when financing a car. Mercedes Benz could start up new offers, offers that the other competitors haven?t come up yet. This is one way in which the majority of customers or the situation of the economic crises would influence Mercedes Benz. Employees ? Employees influence Mercedes Benz highly as the company depends on their productivity. Employees could strike and demand better pay rates, or higher discount on cars and better pension rates. An advantage of this could be that the employees could achieve their target, e.g. getting better pay. But a disadvantage could also be that the directors of Mercedes would have to dismiss that staffs that is misbehaving and not working up to the company?s target. But if staff would deliver a strike wave, Mercedes Benz could face serious issues and complications, not only with their employees but also with the company itself. Suppliers - Suppliers are able to influence Mercedes Benz in many different ways, and could benefit greatly. ...read more.


Suppliers - In my point of view the suppliers, on a scale from 1 -10, the importance as a stakeholder, it would be a 7. I think the suppliers the least important stakeholder in my analyses. The reason why suppliers are fairly not that extremely vital as customers, directors and employees are because they provide the material or product that the business sells and distributes and not only one company can provide that service. There are many suppliers and once a company is well established and known, the suppliers will be searching for companies to supply and not the other way around. For example, Apple Inc. needs suppliers to supply the materials to create the products and design them. The company will need equipment to research for the latest technology. This argument makes suppliers crucial as without the supplies and goods it would not be possible for business to progress and generate revenue, because there would be no product to sell. But as I stated earlier, there isn?t only one supplier that can supply the materials that are need to direct the business. That is why suppliers are important for a business but not crucial and depends on its survival. Customer, directors, employees and suppliers have many aims and goals in common. One of those aims and goals would be that everybody wants to benefit for him or herself. Apple Inc. and Mercedes Benz are interested in giving good products and services. They both are interested in offering customer service and values. Both companies have aims and objectives, values, missions and strategic planning. The differences are resolved by the company and service providers recognizing its strengths and weaknesses and know when to use it, in the appropriate time. To set aims and objectives and short-term and long-term goals and making sure to meet those targets. In conclusion, all stakeholders have an impact and influence in the business because they show an interest. Depending how involved they are shows their importance and input within the organisation. A business needs to take account of the interest of all of its stakeholder groupings. ...read more.

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