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Concentrating on how small and medium-sized businesses ("SME's") obtain finance - The Sole Trader.

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Sole Trader. According to the correspondent there are substantial difficulties for SME's in obtaining and managing finance, because of a cautious banking system (particularly for sole traders), slow payment by customers, a lack of medium and long term finance, limited stock market for SME's and restrictive tax legislation. The size and structure of SME's appears to create difficulties in accessing the sources of finance that are needed for development. Of the areas where problems are encountered all but one were considered to be a major problem - only the level of bank charges was rated as a minor problem. Similarly almost all types of business - the exception being export led businesses experience problems in accessing the finance that they require. ...read more.


� Overdraft financing � Trade credit � Equity finance � Business angel financing � Venture capital � Factoring and invoice discounting � Hire purchase and leasing � Merchant banks (medium to longer term loans Partnership a. Loan Proposal: A written statement describing your business and its history, how you will use the loan, how the loan will be repaid, collateral you may be willing to offer and personal references. b. Personal Information: This provides business background or a resume about the owners of the business. It should also include a listing of personal assets and liabilities of the owners. The lenders may require tax returns of the owners for three years as well. c. Financial Statements: These financial statements (up to three years for an on going business) ...read more.


obtain- in a partner means that ownership of the business, including its profits and liabilities, is normally shared. In most cases, partners want a say about how the business is run. limited partners, sometimes called silent partners, can contribute financially to your business without participating in its management. Limited partners are normally only responsible to the business or its creditors in proportion to the amount they have invested in the partnership; however, parties considering a partnership agreement should seek legal vice on this and related issues. Private Limited Company Their services include project underwriting and debt financing, project development and equity financing for independent power producers, and financial consulting services. The possible source of financing could be Debenture loans though venture capital loans and mortgage loans could be possible as well. ...read more.

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