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Conflict Resolution - A Key Ingredient In Successful Teams

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Hassan Harris 03-08-2005 BA 486 Summary - Conflict Resolution - A Key Ingredient In Successful Teams Team conflict is difficult to avoid when two or more people are forced to make a unanimous decision on an issue. Numerous factors contribute to how people think, and when people don't think alike an aurguement is inevitable. Conflict can result in a negative experience if the team members are unable to resolve issues due to incompatible ideas, but can be turned into a positive experience by following a process designed to address and resolve each level of the dispute. The three key points that can be derived from Capozzoli's article are (1) ...read more.


Conflict can be detrimental to the team effort when it is not addressed quickly, but allowed to grow and widen the gap between those team members whose opinions differ from each other. This tension can lead to decreased productivity and low team spirits, which can negatively affect the entire organization. On the other hand, if conflict is identified and addressed by following a structured process and by involving everyone affected by the conflict, it can result in personal progress for all team members. Another benefit of this progress is the discovery of an actual solution to the initial problem is derived from the conflict. This type of successful resolution can strengthen a team and solidify unity among its members. ...read more.


This process can be repeated every time a new conflict arises. Conclusion Whether I personally invite or attempt to avoid conflict depends on the person I could potentially come into conflict with. If the person has a dominating personality, I have learned that he or she may get easily offended when questioned about his or her ideas, so I try to avoid conflict as much as possible. If conflict is unavoidable, I attempt to encourage a discussion to understand where they are coming from and try to show them where I am coming from. But if that doesn't work, I weigh the importance of the project and if it is necessary that I interject respectfully I will, otherwise I am likely to confrom to the majority to avoid conflict. Reference: Capozzoli, T. K. (1999). Conflict resolution - a key ingredient in successful teams. Supervision, 60(11), 14-16. ...read more.

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