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Consider the view that autocratic leadership has no place in todays business world

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Consider the view that autocratic leadership has no place in today's business world. Leadership is influencing and directing the performance of group members towards achieving the goals of and organisation. Characteristics of a good leader are someone who is able to motivate and inspire others. They are innovators who encourage others to accept change. They usually have a natural ability and instinct to lead their organisation to success. Characteristics of an Autocratic leadership style are that the leader takes all decisions and gives little information to workers. They supervise workers closely and only allow one way communication in the business which allows quick decisions to be made. To an extent autocratic leadership has no place in today's business world. This is because workers who want to contribute and accept responsibility are de-motivated as there is no delegation or consultation due to the one way communication which an autocratic leadership style adopts. ...read more.


This means that because of the two way communication feature of a democratic style, this sort of leadership style may be better in a changing situation that demand new ways of thinking or fresh solutions which staff can input, which can be valuable for the businesses innovation as it may give the business and competitive advantage. Therefore due to the job enrichment being more likely to be achieved because of the delegation which workers are given, they are more likely to be working more efficiently and have a more productive workforce. However, there are still possible places where an autocratic leadership style can be applied in today's business world. This means that when change is required quickly, in a situation such as a crisis management which BA faced with terminal 5 at Heathrow, or in a recession which we are currently coming out of; an autocratic style of leadership may be needed as decisive action might be needed to limit damage to a business. ...read more.


This means that the type of leadership style which has been chosen is also dependent on the type of person the leader is and the culture of the business. This is because, if the organisation follows a person culture then they are more likely to have a democratic or laissez-faire style of leadership, because a person culture gives individuals the freedom to express themselves fully and make decisions for themselves. Also it is dependent on the situation that the business is in. This means that in a time of a crisis the business may change their leadership style to autocratic so that they are able to make changes quickly and limit the damage which could be caused to the business. Therefore, it doesn't matter what style of leadership that a business has chosen and if it is an autocratic leadership style or not as it is more about being effective and choosing the right style of leadership to suit the situation the business is in. ...read more.

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