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Contents Of A Business Plan/Proposal

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´╗┐Contents Of A Business Plan/Proposal Strategy: Contents of a strategic / business plan The typical contents of a full form business or strategic plan are listed below. Executive summary 1. What is the business? 2. What is the market? 3. What is the potential for the business? 4. Forecast profit figures 5. Funding requirements 6. Prospects for the investor/ lender Description of the business What is the business? 1. A brief description of the business idea and why it should be a success 2. History of the enterprise and its ownership 3. Information about the entrepreneur?s qualifications, experience and financial status 4. Location Products and services 1. A description of the product and what it does 2. An explanation of ways in which the product is distinctive and unique 3. ...read more.


Aims should be expressed in terms of hierarchy of objectives becoming progressively more detailed and specific 3. Vision - what the organisation will be like in the future 4. Mission statement - a statement of the overall purpose and aims 5. SMART Objectives - quantitative goals. 6. Functional objectives - objectives for the functional areas Strategy and tactics 1. How are we to get there? 2. Strategy is the broad approach to the achievement of objectives 3. Summarises how to fulfil the objectives 4. Tactics refer to the details of the strategy e.g. the promotional mix 5. The detail will be contained in programmes and budgets Marketing: key questions to be answered 1. Who are our customers? 2. Who are our competitors? 3. What is the size and growth rate of the market? ...read more.


Labour relations 10. Employment and related costs Forecasts in the business plan 1. Sales forecast 2. Forecast profit and loss account (income statement) 3. Cash flow forecast (cash budget) 4. In each case this should be a month by month forecast for a minimum of two years 5. Forecast balance sheet for each of the first two years 6. The assumptions behind the forecast should also be included Financial data 1. Investment appraisal - payback and discounted cash flow 2. Break even analysis 3. Evaluation criteria for performance review 4. Ratio analysis: net profit margin, Gross profit margin, return on capital employed, liquidity and solvency analysis Financing required 1. Details of capital required and uses 2. The plan must include details of the external finance required 3. This will be equal to the finance required less finance raise internally from existing owners and from operations 4. The plan will outline how it is proposed to raise the finance 5. Sources of finance: Short, medium and long term; Debt v equity ...read more.

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