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Converting a Formerly Paper Based System to Excel

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Converting a Formerly Paper Based System to Excel BRIEF Design a system using Microsoft excel, on which a small business can run, which is presently paper based. The system should simplify the day to day running of the business and be relatively easy to use. A simple set of instructions must be supplied for the user and a set of detailed instructions in case the system needs to be upgraded. SITUATION The small business I have chosen is a Bagel Bar in Romford (Essex). My Aunt, Mrs Helen Hardy, owns the bar. She has agreed to supply me with any information to help in my project, and give interviews to determine what she wants from the system. INTRODUCTION (Background) Just Bagels is a Bagel bar in Romford (Essex). The bar aside from selling Bagels sells soft drinks, crisps and other snack food and refreshments. It is a small, yet thriving business and has two methods of selling its commodities. 1. Via customers entering the bar and purchasing over the counter. 2. There is an ordering service, whereby offices can make large orders for their buildings, to be delivered or collected. ...read more.


Mrs Hardy would also like the finances transferred over to the computer. SOURCE DOCUMENTS * SOURCE DOCUMENT 1: Order Form The filling out of this order form takes up lots of valuable time, and also keeps the customer placing the order waiting. However everything required of the order form is present. The only data that will have to be entered into the new system will be the assigned item number. When more than one of an item is required it will be entered twice, as this will be quicker. The rest of the information will be worked out by the system * SOURCE DOCUMENT 2: Bagel and Filling stock take I was provided with the stocktaking sheet for 'Bagels and Fillings' there are two more sheets one for 'Drinks' and the other for 'Snacks'. The Stocktaking sheet also has to be filled out by hand, and takes roughly half an hour. The new system should only require data on OBJECTIVES OF THE NEW SYSTEM I also discussed with Mrs Hardy want she wants from the new system, and I came up with a list of objectives, which she approved. * Ordering The orders should be entered directly onto the system. ...read more.


Loaded onto the computer are Windows '98 and Microsoft Excel '97. Mrs Hardy also owns a Desk Jet printer, for hard copy. The development of the system will be split between the school network, and my own stand alone PC, with similar specifications to that of Mrs Hardy's. To transport files between home and school I will be using 3.5" floppy disks. Therefore the files must fit onto them. The school network ____________________________________ ______________ _____________________________. The schools PC's offer user areas for each student, so files will also be stored on the schools PC's. * USERS SKILL LEVEL As the owner of Just Bagels Mrs Hardy will be the main user of the system. She has owned a PC for a number of years and is familiar with its basic use. She has used excel in the past to produce simple charts and graphs. However I will be giving Mrs Hardy a demonstration and be providing her with a user manual. * The daily taking of orders and stocktaking will be carried out by each of the employees at some time, all of the employees have a basic knowledge of computers, although the stocktaking and ordering, should be simple enough for them to handle. * * * * ?? ?? ?? ?? Michael Constantino ...read more.

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