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Creating a Business Card.

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1 PRESENTING INFORMATION 1.1 Layout of Document * I laid my document out with ease, I chose each font; Eurostile extended. size : * I didn't change the margins or boarders at all because I did not need to and the tables were all ready created, so I just added text .For fonts and styles I chose Eurostile extended with 16 fonts. ...read more.


* Print: your works before it is checked and highlight any errors. * Get somebody else to check your work. THE FOLLOWING IS VERY IMPORTANT - YOU CANNOT GET MARK 9 OR 23 WITHOUT IT: * Print: your work before it was checked by somebody else and asks him or her to highlight your errors and to sign the page to prove they checked it. ...read more.


I saved my work both on the school computers and home computer, My work on the school computer was in the "my work" folder and at home it was in the "coursework" folder. * I saved my work in "Coursework" Folder. I avoided losing my work by saving correctly and backing up my files to floppy regularly. Screenshot: ...read more.

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