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Currently the businesses are selling different ranges of cards to specialist shops and retailers.The business current information system includes three industrial printing machines, a PC, three laptops each belonging to one of the managers who have basic

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Introduction Currently the businesses are selling different ranges of cards to specialist shops and retailers. The business out sources the card's designs from a graphics company called 'Graphsoft' who make the designs then send it to the company who upload the designs and prints the different designs. This card company has a well spell out hierarchy structure consisting of three managers viz: Purchasing manager, Sales manager and Manufacturing manager. Using information technology to improve the way in which the business operates. Strengths of the current Business System The business current information system includes three industrial printing machines, a PC, three laptops each belonging to one of the managers who have basic IT skills. The business has already secured twenty five contacts thus they have secured some sales if the orders are met and if its customers are satisfied with the service they receive. Weaknesses of the current Business Information System Limited Access to Internet There is limited access to the internet where by the purchasing manager is the only one connected to the internet via his laptop. This is disadvantageous to the business as only one person can access the internet at a time therefore time will be wasted by other managers if they want to use the internet as they will have to wait for the current person to finish using the internet. Time will be wasted this way which could be used productively. In addition to the purchasing manager's laptop malfunctions as it is the only one connected to the internet, the business will not be able to access internet. ...read more.


Once the LAN is established, the company can use Workgroup software such as Microsoft BackOffice that allows many users to work on a document or report concurrently reducing time spent on any single report. The network will also enhance faster communication. Setting up Intranet and Extranet An intranet is an internal corporate network built using Internet and World Wide Web standards and products, used by employees to gain access to corporate information. The business should set up an intranet to increase communication and reduce costs. The business can put all of its documents such as phonebooks, supplier information, and other work procedures on the intranet and this can be accessed by employees who previously found it difficult to get hold of such data. Managers can put notices and announcements on the intranet, making communication flow faster. Once the intranet is set up, the business can set up an extranet: an extranet is a network based web technologies that link selected resources of a company's intranet with its suppliers, customers or other businesses. (Fundamentals of Information Technology, Ralph Stair and George Reynolds pg 164) In this case, the extranet will link the business with its suppliers to exchange information such as prices of raw materials and they suppliers can send their invoices quicker via the extranet. Graphsoft can send the design via the extranet faster and more securely. The intranet and extranet will require a Virtual Private Network (VPN) which is a secure connection between tow points across the internet. Change of the business strategy to begin selling greetings cards direct to the public. ...read more.


All the computers in the business will have to be linked together to create a network as discussed earlier. This may require additional equipments such as Reuter and network Software utilities to maintain the daily running of the network. Conclusion If the business intends to use Information Technology to improve the way in which the business operates they will have to accept changes. A new IT manager will be required to maintain the IT system. All other managers may require doing some extra training. The business has to ensure the business keeps all the data safe and secure. If business data is lost, misused or accessed without authorisation, it can be difficult to make informed business decisions. This can also put the business at a competitive disadvantage and a risk. The business should write an IT security policy, setting out the general rules that will be followed to minimise IT security risks. The business should backup to let it continue trading even if computer data has been lost. Backups consist of copies of data from your key systems. These copies are made to portable media like magnetic tapes or CD-ROMs. The business should have a back-up routine (often done every day) as part of its IT security policy and should check that this is being correctly carried out. When constructing the website and database, the business should involve the managers as much as possible so that the system developer can understand the user requirements more precisely therefore develop a more comprehensive system. The cost of developing the system may be costly in the short run but the benefits will out weigh the costs and improve efficiency in the future there fore the business will have a secure future. ?? ?? ?? ?? 06501257 ...read more.

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