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customer service functions

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Task 3 In this section my selected business is (Sainsbury) plc; because I believe that this company provides good customer service, produces high quality goods and is also one of the countries's leading food retailers, which shows that it is a well-liked company. My task is to investigate customer service function of my selected business. What is meant by customer service Function? Customer service is an organization's ability to supply their customers' wants and needs. Customer service includes all the activities that affect a customer's experience. Following are some example of what May customer service includes. * Customer's need is one important thing, what you should always keep in mind. You should always try and fulfill customer's needs. * Learning what a customer wants and ensuring that they get it. For example if you are working at a hair dressers shop, you should always ask the customer about what kind of hair cut they want and if they like it or not. Always they and ensure that you have given them your best. Business needs customers without them they would be forced to close!!!!! What is a Good Customer Service? Good customer service is the support of any business. You can offer promotions and cut prices to bring in as many new customers as you want, but unless you can get some of those customers to come back, your business won't be profitable for long. Good customer service is all about bringing customers back. And about sending them away happy - pleased enough to pass positive feedback about your business along to others, who may then wish to try the product or service you offer for themselves and in their turn become repeat customers. Structure and Operation of the customer service department... Whether it is a small business (sole trader) or a large business (partnership), all business has to have a customer service department and a plan on how their customer service will be.


So I have to say that they have accomplished this objective and in the future they would know how to carry on. How the needs and expectations of the influence every stage of the business activity cycle? The NEEDS and EXPECTATIONS OF CUSTOMERS WILL VARY FROM BUSINESS TO BUSINESS: YOU SHOULD KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS, FOR EXAMPLE BELOW ARE FEW THING WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT YOU CUSTOMERS, IN ORDER TO FULFUL THERE NEEDS AND EXPECTATIONS. * WHO THEY ARE: ARE THEY INDIVIDUALS, AGED, DISABLED, OR YOUNG. * WHAT THEY DO: IF IT IS A INDIVIDUAL, IT WORTH KNOWING THEIR OCCUPATION AND INTEREST, BECAUSE IF YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE YOUNG THEY MIGHT NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO BUY YOU PRODUCT. YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL IF YOU WHAT THEY CAN AFFORD, SO THAT YOU CAN MATCH YOU OFFERINGS. * WHAT MAKES THEM FEEL GOOD ABOUT BUYING: IF YOU KNOW WHAT MAKES THEM HAPPY, YOU CAN THEN SERVE THEM IN THE WAY THEY WANT TO BE TREATED. ALL CUSTOMERS NEEDS WILL BE MET WITHIN AN ORGANISTAION BY A NUMBER OF EMPLOYESS WORKING IN DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS. ALL EMPLOYESS SHOULD WORK TOGETHER FROM ALL DIFFERENT DEPARTMENTS, TO ENSURE THAT T HE COMPANY IS DELIEVING WHAT THE CUSTOMER WANTS. Below are some of the situations that might occur and I am going to see how my business deals with them, in other words how the customers needs are met. Customer expectations Customer satisfaction is largely a reflection of the expectations and experiences that the customer has had with a product or service. When we make major purchases, we research the product or service and gain information from the advertising, salespersons, and word-of-mouth from friends and trust the company and it products. This information that we gather from our research persuade our expectations and ability to decide whether we want to buy a product from a certain company. We usually expect good quality, value, and the ability of the product or service to meet our needs and if that doesn't happen we turn away to other competitors.


For example Sainsbury has an information desk, where there are lots of leaflets and someone to guide, inform or help. Different companies are using different methods for giving there customers the help and information they need. Some of these methods are: leaflets and information sheets available in stores, news letters. Customer service advice help line - usually free phone and many more like websites and emails. An example of how staff can be used to help customers Resources These are different types of resources: human, financial, time and physical. Poor customer service means complaints about the staff, which can lead the company in to spending a lot of money, as the company will then think to train the staff, so that this mistake doesn't happen again. Training will cost time and money, as they will have to give travel expenses and money for training their staff will cost money too. Further more investigating the complaint and it took place is one big issue as well, this will take a lot of time and might cost money. Improving the communication between staff and employer is very important, as this can help the company. To improve the company will have to invest money for example in : telecommunication, video conferencing and webcams. Even thought all this will cost a lot of money, this can help the customer hugely in terms of customer service and improved communication. I think by doing little things for customers and improving your companies' customer service can highly affect the income and profit of your business. This is good as you main aim and objective of the business is to gain profit and be successful, by making your customers happy and satisfied, you are fulfilling their needs. By this task I have learnt a lot about customer service and how it can help the company and customers. I think every company should always take care of their customer services department and they should always make sure that the staffs they are employing are well trained in this field. ?? ?? ?? ?? Anika Ahmed

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