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customers service at holmes place plc

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Customers Service at Holmes Place plc Report to: Mr Perridge From: Debbie Awofisayo Date: 08th May 2007 Subject: Improving Customers Service in Holmes Place Plc Introduction Laurence Alkin and Allan Fisher founded Holmes Place Plc in 1980 when they opened their first health club in an old plumber's merchant off the Fulham road in Chelsea, London. They acquired Barbican Health and Fitness from the Bialy Health and Tennis Corporation marking the company's desire to expand. By July 1992 they had a total of 8,000 members. In June 1994 Barbican Health and Fitness was renamed Holmes Place Plc. In 1993-1996 clubs were opened in Kingston, Ealing and Putney. In 1995 they were also awarded their first leisure contract from a council marking their first step into leisure and facilities management. They are also the first company to have a council leisure contract renewed. The company floated on the Stock Exchange in November 1997. Also in 1998 they opened clubs in Chelsea, Barbican, Ealing, Kingston, Oxford Street, Hammersmith, Putney, and Brook green, Wood Green, Crouch End, Uxbridge, and Portugal. Also that year they won their first hotel contract in June 2000 Laurence Alkin, the founder stepped down as joint CEO leaving Allan Fisher as sole CEO. By 2001 they already had more than 230,000 members and over 60 private health clubs across the UK and overseas with 15 clubs across the Europe. By 2002 they were operating from 68 clubs in the United Kingdom and 18 in continental Europe. In February 2003 Holmes Place plc launched a new fully interactive website. By the end of 2003 Holmes place plc were operating from or managing 76 clubs, 50 in the United Kingdom 25 in continental Europe and joint venture club Chicago, USA. This year Holmes Place was taken over by Virgin. Holmes Place plc's aim is to be able to set a standard against which all other health club operators are measured and their goals are to be the best in business. ...read more.


After the complaints you will have to discuss it with the manger and take a short a break. They also check the customers complaints if it is constant or if it is rising or falling. To do all this market research is carried out by Holmes Place plc by: 1 On the spot question from staff to members 2 Questioners through the past 3 Customers panel/ interviews 4 Observation e.g. mystery members Holmes Place handles customer complaints in the following ways: a) A verbal complaint to a staff member, post or e-mail directed at Camden council most often occurs when a member of the local community complaints to the council about things such as loud noise early or late parking. b) They tell the customers to stay calm and get the customers name and apologise to the customer and they also put them selves in the position of the customers and be polite and helpful. c) Then any complaints received by the head office of Holmes place are dealt with within two days. Email is often used to handle the complaints more quickly. The centre should be distributed to the area manager. Holmes Place also has a leaflet, which is called "HELP US TO HELP YOU!" This leaflet has a few questions which you have to answer by ticking a smiley face. This shows that you could tell Holmes Place what you think of it and this also helps Holmes Place so they know how to improve the company. P4 Identify and describe the specific legislation which protects the customers of Holmes Place Plc. Holmes Place has a consumer protection law to protect their consumer from unscrupulous traders these are civil law and criminal law. If any of these laws are broken it would be heard in court and the trader is proved guilty he or she would be sued to court or face a fine or imprisonment so Holmes Place follow the rules of: 1 Trade Description Act 1968 The purpose of this act is to avoid the false description of goods. ...read more.


And also Holmes Place would want to enlarge their rooms which is not a good idea because the have got lots of free land so they just have to make another room. The lockers that should be enlarged and more seating space can be done because Holmes Place has lots of empty space so it is easy for them to enlarge the lockers were there are sun beds they could move that over to the empty area and use it for the changing rooms. The extra classes should be free, Holmes Place can do this because the will be getting more customers and they could make like an offer that if you register you will get extra classes. M4 Realistically suggest about how the success or failure of your recommendation could be monitored The success or failure of my recommendation could be monitored by doing market research there are two types of market research which are primary and secondary research. * Primary research means asking someone for views and opinions about the gym this means Holmes Place would find out what the people around would recommend for the company. Or by making a questionnaire for a certain group of people for example to focus on the 18-24s and find out what they think about the company and what should be done or what is not supposed to be done by doing this Holmes Place will find out if they are making a profit or loss and amend it. * Secondary research this is often known as desk research it relates to looking up facts and figures in books magazines on computer database in the company files so looking at information that already exist. The extra classes, Holmes Place could see how many people have registered so far. The lockers and more sitting area Holmes could find out if it useful by checking how many people are using it they can do this by using a smiley face survey "HELP US TO HELP YOU" Titilope Awofisayo {Debbie} ...read more.

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