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CV: software professional

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B.Madhu Sudhana Rao 30,Boltons Lane, Hayes, Middx, UK UB3 5BH e-mail: b_madhusrao@rediffmail.com. Mobile:: +447930915749. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Objective: To achieve excellence in working as a software professional offering solutions to business using the best available technology where my analytical abilities ,programming quest are used to maximum for growth of the organisation and to grow with the organisation. Professional Qualification: Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Regional Engg. College, Durgapur, India(1992-96). Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications from MCA APEL,India (1996-97). Professional Summary: A Web applications developer with over 5 years experience in software development, primarily using Java related technologies. Have been involved in requirement gathering, system analysis, design and development phases of software development life cycle. Technical strengths include distributed application architecture design, object-oriented analysis and coding (Java), database design and coding, and general dynamic web programming(EJB, Servlets, JSP, XML) I am a good team player possessing Excellent Communication and Inter-personal skills, and a quick learner. Technical Summary: Operating System : Unix, Linux ,Windows NT Server, Workstation, Windows 95/98/2000 and MS-DOS. ...read more.


The application is multi platform, browser based (IE 5+, Netscape 6+) and completely user customisable, with a drag and drop enabled screen building toolset and class and field creation tools. 2 Project Title : eMedMan Environment : Java, JSP-1.1, Oracle8, JavaScript, HTML Role : Coding, design and testing. Description : Java based web-enabled Medical Management system to track and organize the day-to-day management of any hospital. Major features include, Online Consultation with any specialist doctor, Automatic forwarding of Lab results to the concerned doctor, maintenance of medical records of all kinds of patients, tracking of treatment for in-patients etc The concept is similar to sending and receiving mails through Internet. 3.Project Title : Order Entry System Environment : Java, JDBC, Servlets, EJB, JNDI, Oracle8, WebLogic6.1 Role : Coding, design and testing. Description : Developed an Order Entry System for providing our customers an online application to search and order more 22,000 products offered. Multi-tier architecture was implemented for developing this enterprise level application to guarantee reliable and secure service. ...read more.


Reports are generated to estimate the total sales of a cable representative wise, dealer wise, cable wise and about the payments receivable. 6.Project Title : Time Reporting and Tracking System Environment : JAVA, JSP, Oracle Role : Coding. Description : The Time Report and Tracking System Project is WEB-based to allow flexible reporting and data extraction .This system allows employees to report all hours spent on each project, based on each phase of development via a web based format. It also allows management to generate reports required to evaluate time spent on individual projects, by cost center, organization and employees. 7.Project Title : Sales Order Processing Environment : JAVA, JSP, Oracle Role : Coding. Description : The project keeps track of sales order processing, Maxima Power Systems such as Enquiry, Quotation, Sales Orders, Advanced indents. Daily each representative reports the status of the proposed projects, pending quotations, orders and payments to the branch office and the branch office in turn sends this consolidated weekly report to head office through mail. Personal Details: Date Of Birth : 17-08-1973. Sex : Male. Nationality : Indian. Marital Status : Single, Never married. (B.Madhu Sudhana Rao) ...read more.

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