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Database Project - on a Video Shop based in South London, called 'GoggleBox'.

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Database Project - Identify This Video Shop is based in South London, called 'GoggleBox'. At the moment, the manager has three assistants. The shop has been established for over three years now and is looking for a way to improve its business with new technologies. GoggleBox currently uses a large manual filing system to store all information about customers, videos and loans. Customers need to become members to rent videos. Each video is catalogued and its details are stored in a filing cabinet. Each customer fills out a form to become a member. A membership number is then assigned to them and this form is filed in a filing cabinet - alphabetical order by surname. These forms are taken out if member details need to be changed or when their address is needed to send out an overdue notice. All the rental information is written down in a logbook. Overdue items are checked daily and details are cross-referenced with member and video files. Calculators are used to work out the overdue fees. Sales assistants are often asked about whether particular films are in stock, or when new releases come out. ...read more.


The fee then has to be calculated...all of this takes time. Mistakes are often made, and letters have even been known to be sent to the wrong people! There are a number of possible solutions that could be considered: The first one is to simply improve as far as possible their existing manual filing system. One improvement is to make a log book of backup details incase any records are lost. These could include minimal detail - simply information such as name and address, or telephone no. and if need be further details could be taken later, should the record disappear! Another solution could be to computerize the Logbooks - This way, the system would be partially computerized, partially manual. Loans would be recorded on a computer application such as excel, word or access so that it would be a less tedious job to check for overdue items. The records of members and video info would remain in their filing cabinets. The advantage of this is that overdue items are easier to identify and fees can be automatically calculated (if the right software is used). ...read more.


It seems to solve all the current problems that have occurred through the manual filing system, including no backup strategy, loss or damage to records, time consuming methods, extensive use of paper and storage space. One more disadvantage of this solution is that some of the staff are likely to be computer-illiterate, however as long as the system is simple to use, it won't take long to train the staff so that they get to know the basics. User Requirements The user would want the system to: - store all details of the videos. - store all details of every member. - store all information in alphabetical order. - be very simple to use. - be extremely accurate and pick up on any typing errors that could be made. - be able to search for overdue items and easily calculate overdue fees. - print out this information in a presentable format. - be able to retrieve specific information that the user asks for. - to have a simple backup strategy so that if in any case the file goes missing, it can easily be saved or replaced. - Be a very quick and simple way to retrieve information. ...read more.

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