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Dave's Motors. case study looking at SWOT, Porters 5 forces, Network diagram, rich picture.

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Dave's Motors - Case study Introduction Dave's motors is a family run business run by the owner Dave Brown, the company offers a range of services to its customers and also sells used cars. Dave Brown is the day to day operational manager but he also has a small number of staff to assist him: * A receptionist who books in the jobs and carries out general office duties. * A service bay manager who overseas the car servicing and repairs section. He is assisted by 3 full time members. * A sales manager who overseas the fore-court activities and is directly in charge of the used car showroom. There are also a number of part time pump assistants. Dave employs a firm of accountants to help manage with the financial side of the business, with a junior member of the accountancy firm coming in to the business at the end of each month to oversee the books. Due to the way Dave is running his business his affairs are becoming cumbersome and involve too much paperwork moving to and fro. Due to the amount of paperwork within the business the receptionist is finding it increasingly difficult to stay on top of things and Dave is worried that important information will go missing. ...read more.


The time taken and the amount of paperwork involved could dramatically reduced by implementing the computer system. When a customer makes a booking your receptionist enters the data into a large diary, rather than doing this she could use the calendar facility on the computer this would then bring up any duplicate entries, you can then not take on to much work. A lot of paperwork is involved when a booking is made; you currently use a three page form which is then passed to and fro from one department to the next. Your receptionist could simply put the details on to the computer package which the service bay manager could access, he could then print off one copy of the job and pass it to the mechanic, once the job has been completed the mechanic can pass the paperwork back to the service bay manager who would enter the data on to the computer with what work had been carried out and then a message is automatically sent back to the receptionist. The service bay manager can then file this information away in case any discrepancy occurs. From the information provided the receptionist can produce an invoice which is posted to the customers. The job can then be moved to the pending folder within the computer package, until the account is settled. ...read more.


Costs put on pink copy and both passed back to the office. White matched up with pink and blue v Invoice produced v Pink and blue forms White copy filed filed away in payments pending v Account settled v Receipt issued D) Logical data flow diagram E) Network Diagram ii) The process that will take the longest within your project is developing the software and training your staff. This is called the critical path which can be seen in red on the diagram. The installation and the setting up of the PC's are within the 'float' or 'slack' time, this can be seen in blue on the diagram, the IT company can afford to have some delay on this path. iii) The biggest implication of a delay in activity on the critical path is that the project will not run. If the software was not developed, then the staff could not be trained and therefore the system would not be up and running. Conclusion From analysing all the information in my opinion the best option would be for 'Dave's Motors' to introduce a computer based system. Although initially it will take a lot of time to get everything set up and the cost will be very high, in the long run it will be beneficial to the company. Not only will the staff will be able to work more efficiently, but the company will be saving money on items such as paper. ...read more.

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