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Decide whether there is a gap in the market at the school to provide an alternative supply of fast food to the students in years 7-10.

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Business Studies Coursework Guide 2003 Enterprise Option Name ..................... Form ....... Teacher ..................................... Introduction Business Studies must be relevant to the real world of business and what goes on in the world outside the classroom. You will not be able to achieve this by only doing SECONDARY MARKET RESEARCH. This coursework option gives you a chance to study, analyse and report on a business idea and will be based on a FICTITIOUS business. Remember that you will be given some DEADLINES and in order to gain full marks it is vital that you meet these deadlines. In this handbook, you will be given a step-by-step guide. This will enable you to gain good marks for your coursework. This work is worth 25% of your final examination marks. There is no specific length for this piece of work, but the work will need to meet all of the criteria. It will be possible to meet all of the criteria set down in this handbook with a piece of work of around 2000-3000 words. You must use ICT in all aspects of this work, and remember that there is plenty of information on both the INTERNET and the INTRANET. Your work must be presented in a REPORT format, and must be word processed. You must pay lots of attention to your spelling, punctuation and grammar as you can gain marks for this. ...read more.


I will have to compete against three different suppliers of fast foods. One is the Buttery, the second is a company selling ice cream and the third will be selling Samosas. Business Opportunity Business Description * What business format will you be using? * Sole Trader, Partnership, Private Ltd Company, Public Ltd Company (PLC)? * Which one have you chosen? * Why are you not choosing the others? Present Market and Local Business Environment * What is available at the moment? * Who are your customers? * What is the MARKET SEGMENT? * What is your competition? Gap in the Market and Unique Selling Points * What is the GAP in the market that you will fill? * What is unique about your market? * What is unique about your product? * How will you find this out? Aims (500 words) * What do you want to achieve? Will you only want to BREAK EVEN? What might your other objectives be? * Maximising Sales? * Maximising Profit? * How important is it to gain experience of running a business for the first time? * Meet customer needs? * Produce a Cash flow forecast based on what you think you might do. Remember that this will only be a forecast. Objectives * How are you going to satisfy your aims? * What type of market research are you going to do? ...read more.


The sections you need to consider are as follows:- Account Analysis Problems Strategies to Overcome Problems Appendix Remember to include.... * Your business ideas brainstorm Your own ideas for: - * Company name * Slogan * Logo * Poster * Questionnaire Company * Name * Slogan * Logo * Poster * Questionnaire Remember... Because you will not be running the business, it is VITAL that you demonstrate that you understand EACH concept you discuss. An example of this might be that when you discuss Sources of Finance, it will not be good enough just to say that you have chosen to use an EXTERNAL source. In order to gain top marks, you must discuss each different type of finance, explain the advantages and disadvantages of each and then explain WHY you have made your own choice. In order to help you with this your teacher will give you some examples of what your work should look like. This is your own coursework, and whilst there is some group work needed, the report that you hand in must be individual. Make sure that you complete all of the tasks that are in this guide. If you are worried about anything, or don't understand something, it is up to you to ask for help. Your hand in deadline for your COMPLETED work is the last Business Studies lesson before the SUMMER HOLIDAY. We will, however expect to see work in progress before then. Name: Page 4 of 15 Candidate No: ...read more.

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