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Describe a promotional campaign for a specific product, its main target market, and its marketing mix, covering the promotional mix used in the campaign in detail.

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Task 1 Describe a promotional campaign for a specific product, its main target market, and its marketing mix, covering the promotional mix used in the campaign in detail. For this task I will be researching and describing the promotion campaign of innocent drinks, its main target market, and its market mix and in detail the promotional mix used in the campaign. The innocent drink is very simple and effective their logo is very child like, basically a face with a halo over it hence the innocent name. Its colourful and its fun it not like other drink that are serious innocent drinks logo is not in your face it is simple and very effective. The aims of innocent drinks is to provide their customers with a high quality fruit smoothie with the purest of ingredients, promote good health, give ...read more.


The pricing strategy used by innocent drinks is standard retail pricing it retails at Tesco for �1.40-�2.00 which considering the effort put into producing it is a small amount to pay. Campaign Title: innocent by nature The method of promotion used is television, press (guardian, Sunday supplements, independent. The TV ads are typically shown on channel four as it is a channel highly watched by their target audience. The advert is very short and straight to the point; it shows the audience how the smoothies are made and where the ingredients come from e.g. naturally sustainable sources of fruit from the rainforest. The image that they are trying to portray is within the advert is one they have in all their adverts, innocents have the naturalist image. ...read more.


other companies, it shows in the advert that innocent drinks add all the parts of the fruit including the skin and seeds as they all contain nutrients and fibre the viewer is clearly made aware of this when they watch the advert. The image that they are trying to portray is that they are different to other companies in a positive way that they add every part of the fruit whereas others don't. This advert targets children as well as on the move people as it very colourful and uses some comedy where the guy is slicing the lemon without using a knife and the strawberry is jumping up and down the table. Instantly the child will be enticed even if they don't know what it means the colours will make them nag their parents to buy it for them. ...read more.

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