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Describe how I.C.T has impacted upon an adult in employment Including the way it has effected on his/her workstyle.

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Describe how I.C.T has impacted upon an adult in employment Including the way it has effected on his/her workstyle The place in which people work People know work in either a business that deals in I.C.T or somewhere that has a lot of I.C.T to keep it going. The reason for this is that I.C.T is making work and business a lot quicker and more efficient. A good thing about I.C.T in the sense of employment would be that its offering a lot of jobs however it is also taking peoples jobs as employers can get the same job done probably quicker using I.C.T. Even though there is sometimes cutbacks in the amounts of jobs available people are still needed to operate the computers, At least for know but if they keep making the computers and programs then people will no longer be needed meaning that no one will have much money and the world won't be that nice to live in. In conclusion I think that I.C.T in business is a brilliant thing to have but I don't think they should be developed to the point in which people aren't needed. ...read more.


They can go into better detail than you probably could if you were talking face to face as you can attach information. Another thing would be the Internet, which is brilliant as you, could make a site for your business, which can then be accessed by anyone who is in the business. On the site you can then put photos, sounds and information. You can also but a password on it and only give the password to employees and people that need to see it. You can also use a local Intranet, which can be used to access information from within the network. And then you have laptops which enable people to do work and go online anywhere this means that you have a lot of work to do but you have to travel you can do it while you are on a plane or train or any mode of transport. This is just a big version but bigger and all the bonuses of e-mail and Internet. These however can be expensive and unless it's a big business then they won't be affordable. ...read more.


The way people interact at work There has been a lot of communicational devises invented that use I.C.T and these can help people in business as well as people trying to socialize. I explained most devises already but one more would be pagers and these are widely used in business as these are like texting on a phone meaning that they are very useful and enable fast communication between people at a great distance from each other. The types of jobs available. With the invention of internet a couple have jobs have been introduced one of these being web designer which basically works so that business get into contact with a web designer and then they come along and create a web page for the business that is done professionally. A professional web site might make people think that the business is good and will go to that business. There is also a job involving fixing computers where as a business might decide that they want to hire someone who can fix the computers quickly. The bonus of hiring someone to do this is instead of having to wait for someone to drive to you the worker can stay in your companies and fix any problems that might occur. ...read more.

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