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DESCRIBE METHODS OF PRESENTING PERSONAL INFORMATION FOR A JOB SITUATION Complete the following table regarding the four prevalent methods of presenting personal information. Ensure you describe in detail the different methods and identify the advantages and disadvantages from the perspective of the employer and interviewee. Describe and provide examples of the written methods of providing personal information. There are many different ways that you can provide information through written methods. One would be an application form; this can include personal details, qualifications, past and presents employment, hobbies, interests, job reference number/name of job, references and personal statements (why somebody is suitable for a job). An application form is sent to an employer but could also be sent to managers and sometimes HR. A CV has similar information to the application form; it should usually include personal details, qualifications, past and present employment, hobbies, interests and references. A CV gives more information about a person rather than answering questions about the specific job. It states what skills a person has rather than what skills a person has for a specific job. A CV is usually accompanied by a supporting letter which will then state why a person would be good for that specific job. A letter is a piece of writing that can support a cv. It usually contains specific information that may be needed for the job, an example would be if they have had past experience or not, if they have a specific qualification for the job, ect and also details regarding the job. ...read more.


If there is more than one person applying for the job that the interviewee is applying for and there are other interviewee's that look nervous and one interviewee feels confident, it will give the interviewee that extra boost in the interview. What are the disadvantages of the interview/panel method from the perspective of the employer and interviewee? The disadvantages of an interview/panel method from an employer's perspective can be that there might not be enough people to do a panel interview so the interviewee may have to be postponed which could make an interviewee more nervous because they have to wait longer for their interview. A person may run out of questions to ask to see if they can cope under pressure. The interviewee might be really good at answering questions and may come across as smart headed, this could be a barrier within the interview because it could cause an awkward feeling in the room and could result in the panel not wanting the interviewee working for them because of the answers they are giving. The disadvantages of an interview/panel method from an interviewee's perspective can be that a person may be under a lot of pressure in the interview room. The panel that are interviewing could be intimidating and if the interviewee went in with a confident attitude and see's that they look intimidating it may dim their confidence. An interviewee might not be able to handle the pressure of the panel and it could result in them not getting the job as they're not able to cope with the pressure. ...read more.


What are the disadvantages of the electronically-mediated method from the perspective of the employer and interviewee? The disadvantages of using electronically-mediated communication from an employer's perspective could be using video calls instead of having an actual interview could be a bad idea because internet connections could break up when using a video call with more than 2 people it could slow the conversation down because of the loss of connection and it can be hard to hear or see the other person in the video call. If the employer doing the interview is from the older generation they might not be able to get the hang of using the video call because they might not be able to understand the more technical things depending on if they are using a computer or phone. The disadvantages of using electronically-mediated communication from an interviewee's perspective could be that the interviewee might be on a specific time scale and if the internet connection breaks up and ends the video call during the time period they have set out it may be hard to re-arrange another time that is suitable for all participants. The interviewee may find it difficult to understand the other participants in the video call if there are more than 2 people using it because it could freeze not showing who is speaking. Using things like emails to arrange an interview could be a bad choice because all participants may not receive emails or it can break down the connection. ?? ?? ?? ?? OCR Level 3 Unit 11 Career Planning AO4 ...read more.

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