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describe the concept and principle of marketing

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P1) Describe the concept and principles of marketing For this task I am going to describe the concept and principles of marketing. The main objectives and aims in marketing are to increase customers, because if the business doesn't have customers it won't survive. For businesses that aim to make a profit, marketing is essential to reach their goals and objectives. The main concept of marketing in different businesses is to keep concentrated on the customers and how they can meet their needs and requirements. The different concepts: Production concept The production concept is about distributing products to customers, often customers expect a readily and a valuable price for a product. Selling concept Selling concept is how to convince the customers to buy your products for example you could persuade the customers by promotions for example buying a product it could be by one get one free. Product concept This is when organisations try to sell their products or service. All the organisations believe that they provide the best high quality and good services to the customers in order to beat their competitors and stay high in the market. Marketing principles Marketing is very important in order to get succeeded, because the organisation needs to see their customer's opinion what they think about their services or products. ...read more.


Plus on top of that this car has been improved in speed wise and economy and much better that its German competitors. Jaguar did not expect the popularity of diesel engines for premier cars unlike their most close competitors BMW. Concept of Magners Magners are an alcoholic drink and according to this topic that I am going to do, their main point is they are trying to advertise it to young people. The main aim of this case study is they are trying to encourage youngster to drink Magners. However its quite cheap compare to other alcoholic drinks and they can get this drink in Pubs, bar and off license stores. And also the best selling time of this drink is during summer times especially when people go on holidays or watching live sports at pubs and bars. Magners have grown 7% in volume in market and by 13% in terms of value over the previous year. During hot weather "in summer" time Magners has proved it to competitors by being a successful high quality product in the market to beat their competitors Stella Artois. Understanding consumer needs It is very important for all businesses in order to understand the needs and wants of their customers. ...read more.


For example for Jaguar Car Company they can use latest technologies such as Tom-Tom in case if customers don't know the address they don't have to look in the map, they can simply follow the instructions of Tom-Tom. Jaguar Car Company can also advertise their cars on internet which is increasing the amount of people using day by day not only in magazines and newspapers. Communicating effectively with consumers In any business in order to get succeeded they need to see they customer point of view. Although they can also tell this by the sells they make. However Jaguar will need to think of improvement, which they could use to help with communication between suppliers, contractors and their customers. Jaguar should communicate to their customers and have a survey what they think of Jaguar or if need to make and improvement for example to improve their customer service or sellers if need to explain more clearly about their cars. This principle of marketing is totally different to Magners; it is difficult to them to ask their customers what they think about their product when they buy it. However they can make a survey and distribute it outside the pub and bars and they should offer their customers after the survey a free drink. That's how they can communicate to their customers. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mustafa Imad Mahdi 30102346 Mohamed Unit 3 1 ...read more.

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