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Describe the different methods used to track and evaluate customer satisfaction and quality systems for a selected service/product.

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UNIT 11 RELATIONSHIP MARKETING RIZWAN ZAID BTEC BUSINESS NATIONAL P3: Describe the different methods used to track and evaluate customer satisfaction and quality systems for a selected service/product. In this assignment, I will be describing the different methods that are used to track and evaluate customer satisfaction for a selected product. I will also describe the different quality systems that are used by an organisation and see how they evaluate their customers. The chosen that I have chosen for this assignment is McDonalds and the selected product I have chosen is the 'Happy Meal'. Customers are the main priority for all profit making organisations as without them, organisations such as McDonalds cannot make any profit from their services. This is why customers are vitally important in the process of organisations interacting with them. McDonalds ensure that they keep track of customer satisfaction as ensuring that they provide good customer service to their customers can potentially lead to customers purchasing their products. This will keep both McDonalds and the customer happy as the customer is financing into the organisation and the customers themselves are on the receiving end of good quality products. However, if McDonalds do not keep track of their customer satisfaction, they are potentially missing out on methods to build on that customers are demanding. This is why customer satisfaction must be of a good standard and always kept track of at all times. McDonalds keep track through customer satisfaction through many different methods such as through their own employees and the products that they sell. McDonalds keep track of their employees as it allows them to see what their customers think and be able to put forward any queries, problems or suggestions they may have in order for McDonalds to run more efficiently. ...read more.


Ishikawa (fishbone analysis) The Ishikawa diagrams, also known as the fishbone analysis, is a process that is commonly used by organisations as it allows them to find out where their potential problems are and the source of the problem. McDonalds use this to make sure that they capture problems at an early stage and that they can identify where the problem started. The Ishikawa diagram is stated below. Source: http://www.leankaizen.co.uk/images/free%20stuff%20fishbone%20diagram%20web.jpg The Ishikawa diagram that is show above reveals the factors that potentially occur in modern day organisation. Key factors such as transport, premises, people, clients, finance and I.T are some of the factors that can lead to the main problem of an organisation. The smaller arrows under the main headings are the key points that could potentially lead to the main problem. The 6 factors are stated below that could lead to the problem: > Transport > Premises > People > Clients > Finance > I.T Ishikawa diagrams are also used by organisation such as McDonalds to see which factors contribute most significantly to the overall problem that is occurring. By organisation being able to identify this, only then can they suggest and target room for improvements. This diagram can help you to think through causes of a problem thoroughly. The Ishikawa diagram works by firstly identifying the problem and placing it into the box on the right of the diagram. Secondly the organisation will then decide what the contributing factors could be for this problem and place them in the diagram. Database marketing Database marketing is a form used for direct marketing using databases of customers in order to promote a product for marketing purposes. ...read more.


McDonalds use their mystery shoppers as a method to see how their employees treat their customers. Some of the criteria in which may be covered could be whether the employees greet their customers, the way they talk to customers and the general feeling they send out when they are dealing with customers. By McDonalds doing this, they can evaluate individual employees and see where the positives and negatives came from. McDonalds could only then be able to come to a solution to minimise the amount of negatives they may encounter and could look to further recruitment to ensure they are limited. If McDonalds recruit more skilled employees that are 'specialists' at their jobs, this would most likely mean that they are experts at their jobs and that random employees would not be able to perform tasks on the same level. User Panels McDonalds use user panels to directly ask questions towards their customers so that they acquire information about a particular product or service that McDonalds may have to offer. User panels are set out in groups in which a large amount of customers are questioned in order to see whether the products or service will be successful in the current market. McDonalds would ask direct questions such as 'What do you think about the McDonalds drive-thru system?', in which customers could respond in either a positive or negative way. By gathering a large amount of data based on this question, only then can McDonalds assess the situation in which the majority of their customers think that the drive-thru is a positive or a negative feature. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 Rizwan Zaid BTEC Business Jenny McLeod Unit 11: Understanding relationship marketing ...read more.

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