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Describe the information requirements for each category of staff within BIFHE. At each level make reference to time span, relevance, level of detail, degree of accuracy and security of the information.

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Table of Contents TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 TASKS 1.1 & 1.2 2 SENIOR MANAGEMENT TEAM (CEO + DEPT. MANAGERS) 2 SECTION MANAGERS (SALES, MARKETING ETC) 2 CLERICAL STAFF 3 SECURITY OF INFORMATION 3 TASK 1.3 4 OPERATIONAL TRANSACTION PROCESSING SYSTEMS 4 DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEMS 4 EXECUTIVE INFORMATION SYSTEMS 5 TASK 1.4 6 PREPARATION OF DOCUMENTS AND REPORTS 6 MODELLING NUMERICAL DATA 6 MAINTENANCE AND RETRIEVAL OF RECORDS 7 SUMMARY 8 BIBLIOGRAPHY 8 Tasks 1.1 & 1.2 Describe the information requirements for each category of staff within BIFHE. At each level make reference to time span, relevance, level of detail, degree of accuracy and security of the information. Senior Management Team (CEO + Dept. Managers) The CEO and department Managers of BIFHE would use strategic information in making decisions that affect the whole organisation and its future. These decisions will tend to be long term, with reference to sales and budget history and may involve large amounts of money being spent. They may include issues like investment, new markets, suppliers or products and expansion of facilities. The senior management team of BIFHE would chiefly be concerned with sales and budget performance reports showing profitability for each department, with a view to forecasting future trends etc. In an organisation like BIFHE the information would probably need to be accurate to the nearest �1000. This information would need to be highly secure as it would be very useful for competitors, and if corrupted could cause the business to collapse. ...read more.


Each of the examples above shows how computerised systems can make daily jobs not only easier but also more efficient and most importantly more accurate as they massively reduce the margin for error. Decision support systems These systems basically do 'exactly what it says on the tin'. They do not make decisions or solve problems but provide people with useful tools for manipulating information to help them make a decision or solve a problem. They work on the assumption that TPS's like those mentioned above have already captured the relevant data. The most likely people within BIFHE to use these types of system are the section and department managers to access and analyse the current processes with a view to constantly improving their business. Consider the following examples: The finance manager may want to know what effect a pay rise will have on the business financially. He should be able to do this based on data provided by the payroll system by comparing the previous years total payroll against the proposed increase. This would help him and his manager decide if a pay increase is viable at this time and what percentage it should be. The sales manager may want to organise a promotion within the store. He will need to analyse data on sales history of the items in question, current pricing and stock availability. ...read more.


Access version 2002 extends this versatility by giving developers and more experienced users new functionality, enabling them to access and analyse their important data as well as build powerful new database solutions. At the same time, Access now makes it easy for beginning users to discover and use more of the existing application. Microsoft Access could be used as the computerised solution for BIFHE if the design of the database was carried out correctly. Entities such as Suppliers, customers and products would need to have carefully selected attributes and relationships to ensure the system would function correctly. However, access has some size limitations and I suspect that a purpose built system would be put into place and access would be used for some ad-hoc reporting with smaller databases. Summary In summary, it is clear to see that the strategic, tactical and operational levels of staff within BIFHE would require a finished product which included executive information systems, decision support systems and operational transaction processing systems. While an 'off the shelf' package like Microsoft Office would probably deliver a workable solution for BIFHE by combining an access database with word and excel functions, it is more likely that a system would be designed for BIFHE and they may choose to use certain parts of the office suit to compliment it. This would allow for much more possible future growth and expansion of the business. ...read more.

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