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Describe the main employability, personal and communication skills required when applying for a specific job role.

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´╗┐Unit 4 Effective people communication and information P2 P2 ? Describe the main employability, personal and communication skills required when applying for a specific job role. Job Role: Cooperative Sales Assistant Job Description: * Liaising with clients in all areas of sales - client interaction is vital and sales assistants working with higher priced goods will need to provide a highly personalised approach; * Meeting set sales targets - this aspect of the work can be demanding, often carried out in a busy and pressured environment, with sales teams frequently expected to hit their targets; * Stocking, replenishing and cleaning sales areas; * Assisting with product selection; * Processing payments of various kinds; * Offering advice to customers; * Arranging delivery dates for larger items; * Dealing with customer complaints; * Utilising specialist product knowledge; * Monitoring and updating sales display areas. What is the job about? Being a sales assistant for the Cooperative means that you have to be on the shop floor and help customers in any queries, stocking shelves, rotating stock and updating sales display areas. What skills are required? Working as a sales assistant for the Cooperative requires a variety of skills. All employees that work for the Cooperative will have to meet these following skills in order to qualify for the job. ...read more.


Effectiveness in meeting personal and team targets is a good skill to have. If you can meet personal targets as a sales assistant and be productive on the work floor then employers will clock on to this and will want to employ you over other applicants. Having this and the ability to observe and raise professional standards of production/service delivery will ensure you can keep improving the processes of the role of a sales assistant. Communication skills Both formal and informal communications are needed as a sales assistant within the Cooperative. Formal communication must be used when talking to colleagues, managers and customers. This is so that the brand image of the Cooperative is kept at a high standard. Informal communication is used for talking with colleagues in spare time, on breaks etc, this will help build working relationships within the Cooperative. Non verbal and verbal communication must be used as a sales assistant in the Cooperative. Non verbal communication involves written script in a text, email or letter. This would be a text to a colleague, a letter to management or an email to a colleague. Verbal communications include telephone calls to management to call in late, video conferencing to add to staff meetings within the Cooperative and interviews with new members of staff. ...read more.


As well as being a good speaker in person, I am also a detailed listener. I question everything that someone says so that I can take the information in effectively. This is very important as a sales assistant with the Cooperative. My presentation skills aren?t as good as my other skills, some days I am well presented but other days, normally Mondays; my personal presentation isn?t up to standards as usual. This is not accepted as a sale assistant with the Cooperative as they need to keep everyone presentable at all times. What are you doing to do about the skills you?ve got so far? If there was one thing I was to do with my skills that I?ve obtained so far then it would be to improve on my weaker areas. I would also like to keep expanding my education with lifelong learning. This would be in the future where I get training at work, getting put on certain courses to improve my work efficiency. This would take a number of years but it depends on how soon I get into a full time job where the management would be willing to invest training in me. If I was just on a part time job then the investment would probably not be put into action as I might leave in the coming year or so. Unit 4 Effective people communication and information P2 ...read more.

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