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Describe the main employability, personal and communication skills required when applying for a specific job role.

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P2 Describe the main employability, personal and communication skills required when applying for a specific job role. Employability skills: * Suitable qualifications * Experience in a similar role * Knowledge of products and services * Experience of specific industry * Effectiveness in meeting personal and team targets. * Ability to observe and raise professional standards. Suitable qualifications: Different jobs require different types of qualifications. Some employers will be happy to take on applicants with GCSE qualifications, while others may require more specific skills, such as accountancy, marketing and human resources, employers will often look for candidates with problem-solving and critical skills, meaning they will often need candidates with at least A levels or a BTEC National. To be an employer, it is important that you have the correct level of qualifications and in the right subjects. Experience in a similar role: Experience in a similar role can make the difference when an employer is choosing a new employee. ...read more.


Personal Skills and communication skills: * Patient and hard-working * Team worker * Interpersonal skills * Co-operation * Negotiation * Interviewing skills Patient and hard-working: Patience is required in many jobs, especially if one is dealing with members of the public. Employees who can remain patient in very difficult situations and get the job done are highly valued by employers. Being patient with people is not always easy, and it is undoubtedly easier with some people than with others. Patience is an important skill for a business person. Rushed decisions are rarely the best ones; it is usually much better to consider options and potential consequences before making decisions. Someone who gets lots of work down is also valued, whereas employees who spend too much time talking, answering their mobile phones or surfing the internet during working hours will not make a good impression. It can be very difficult to avoid distractions at work, but it is important that any employee, including you, is able to avoid them and do the job that they have been employed to do. ...read more.


Negotiating involves discussing a topic in order to produce some agreement or common ground. At the start of negotiations, the parties involved usually have quite different opinions on what should happen. The art of negotiation is I finding common ground that both parties can agree upon-making it a ?win-win? situation. Negotiation is the process of seeking agreement and can therefore be useful for resolving conflicts between members of staff, agreeing budget allocations and during interviews, especially for new staff members. Negotiation is also really important when agreeing targets for an individual or a team of people. This is because sometimes targets may be set very high and therefore need to be further developed between the line manager and employee. Interviewing skills: Interviewing skills can be useful in a number of contexts. Being able to interview customers or clients effectively to encourage sales or improve customer relationships will be useful to many organisations. In addition, it will be an asset to identify the best candidates effectively when interviewing potential new employee or to deal with appraisal situations for current members of staff. ...read more.

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