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Describe the main features of your plc as a form of ownership. Shareholders own a PLC (Public Limited Company). By this I mean the people with an investment

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SECTION B) DESCRIBE THE MAIN FEATURES OF YOUR PLC AS A FORM OF OWNERSHIP. Shareholders own a PLC (Public Limited Company). By this I mean the people with an investment in the PLC own it. For Example you can buy shares in J Sainsbury's plc, via the stock market. However the shareholder that has a larger percentage of shares than all other shareholders put together i.e. 51%, has 51% of the vote if there is a vote, he/she has the most power. ...read more.


However �50,000 is needed to start a PLC. Limited Liability means that you are only liable for the business and not any of your own belongings. By this I mean that if I were in debt of �60,000 I would have to lose my business because my capital of �50,000 is now all gone. For Example J Sainsbury plc have a Share capital of �18,441,000,000. However if you see your share prices falling you can always appoint a new director. ...read more.


The Board of Directors makes decisions in the PLC. By this I mean Shareholders elect a Board of Directors, their job is to run the business, to make profits go up and Share prices rocket. For Example J Sainsbury plc has 11 directors, all with different tasks; they are J Sainsbury plc's Board of directors, and are the people that run the business. However if there is a decision that is made and is disliked by the Shareholders they at the next election the Board of Directors could be voted out. ?? ?? ?? ?? Asim Macci Business Ownership 10R ...read more.

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