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Describe the main physical and technological resources that need to be considered in the running of KFC.

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Physical resources p2 For this assignment I have been assigned to write and describe the physical resources of the chosen organisation I will be doing. HR department in KFC will consist of calculating the profit, wages for the employees, directors and managers. They also help to run the business and make it successful. Physical Resource The physical resources for an organisation are machines. Without physical resources the organisation will not be able to run properly. Physical resources are man made through ability and skills. Buildings, technology, products and machines are example of physical resources. Physical resources like this helps the staff with daily activities. In KFC there are machines to pour cold drink into cups also hot coffees. ...read more.


Security To keep an organisation safe and looked after they premises need to have alarms and CCTV cameras fitted to protect the premises. KFC have alarm system fitted so the premises can be kept safe. Also CCTV is installed in the premises inside and outside to keep it safe. Absence of machinery The absence of machinery is that if a KFC is making lot of money selling chips and suddenly the fryer does not work then the company will make a lose and customers will not be able to buy the products. This can be affect of an absence of machinery Absence of premises Absence of premises can be that if an organisation does not have a physical store or premises they will not be able to sell the product physically. ...read more.


According to Kevin Scott, KFC's manager of international restaurant systems, KFC plans to eventually install SCO Unix in its 5,000 international and 4,000 domestic stores. The upgrade includes the SCO Unix System and the SCO Merge Unix/MS-DOS integration product, which will run with both MS-DOS. The mangers said "We chose SCO because of the good pricing deal and because of the rich platform it supplies," said Scott. "We were looking for a stable DOS emulation environment. The DOS merge platform under SCO is very rich." Intellectual property IP Intellectual property is copyright, patent and trademark the law allows the owners certain exclusive rights. Accumulate experience and skills A accumulate experience is employees gain knowledge of the company over a years of working in a company. An example can be that in KFC some employees have the knowledge of fixing the machines if the machine has broken down. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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