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Describe the management principles of target setting and forecasting.

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Management and Decisions Assignment 4 Task 1 For the first task I will describe the management principles of target setting and forecasting. I will describe how to arrive at a budget for a given public service scenario and why this budget should be strictly controlled. I will also identify how this budget is audited and who carries out this task. Target Setting The target is the aim that you set out to achieve and setting is how you go about it. Setting is the planning stage. Target setting is about setting yourself a goal that you set out to achieve. An example of target setting in the police force to tackle crime rates - Reduce crime rate would be the target and the setting would be how to go about reducing crime rates (e.g. recruit more policeman). Example of Target Setting Thames Valley Police have set a set a target (Target Setting) to tackle crime. They have prepared a five year strategy and this includes targets for the reduction of crimes where there has been a particular increase i.e. violent crimes and robberies. Thames Valley Police have come up with this plan because crime rates have been rising in the area for the past year and they hope to reduce crime as a result of this plan. I have included the Thames Valley Police Crime Reduction Strategy and this can be looked at in appendix 1. ...read more.


It involves records the sequence of activities that occur on any given file or body of content within a content management system. This sequence of events - an audit trail - can be used by content contributors, managers, and auditors alike to determine how and why content was changed In simple terms it means to go through the process of examining and verifying a company's financial records and supporting documents. Both internal and external bodies are involved in the auditing process, they carry out the process annually to examine the forces budget and make sure that the money is being spend in the right places. They make sure that fraud does not occur. Internal audit is provided by the County Council Internal Audit Unit and the Monitoring and Audit Committee are involved in budget auditing. Task 2 I will be describing what a Management Information System (MIS) is and show how the Police Force could use this management tool. I will also explain how a public service practitioner can benefit from and make sensible use of MIS. A MIS is a computerised system which manages operations, equipment and personal. It helps managers plan and direct business and organizational operations. It provides managers with the tools for organizing, evaluating and efficiently running their departments. In order to provide past, present and prediction information, an MIS can include software that helps in decision making, data resources such as databases, the hardware resources of a system, decision support systems, people management and project management applications, and any computerized processes that enable the department to run efficiently. ...read more.


MIS can also be very time consuming training all the people required to use the MIS to be able to use it. Again, this can also be costly having to carry out all the extra training. Here are some examples of some MIS in the police force, I am going to evaluate them and explain why I feel that they are useful: Planning and Budgeting Database This database is used to provide trial balance sheet, check use of budget, control use of budget, used for setting up budget for the following year and to manage an efficient use of the budget. This is a very useful MIS system because it aids in managing a budget and helps to forecast for the upcoming year. Personnel Database This database provides information and records of police officers. It provides services to inquiries on personnel records such as disciplinary actions and education. This is useful MIS because it keeps track on all people employed and provides records upon them. Salary Database This database contains salary records of every police officer and is linked to the Personnel Database. This is also a good MIS because it helps aid when paying salaries and gives information on wages costs. It can help in auditing. Overall I feel that MIS systems are very useful and can aid in many aspects of running an organisation. Although MIS have their disadvantages, which I have talked about above (such as costs and extra training) I believe that the advantages outweigh these disadvantages. Tom Cook 08/05/2007 ...read more.

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