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describe the opportunities for greater processing efficiency, enhanced competitiveness, and increased service support that businesses would benefit from having an online presence.

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TASK 1 I am an E-commerce consultant and I have been asked to write an article on the benefits of an online presence. In this part of my assignment, I am going to describe the opportunities for greater processing efficiency, enhanced competitiveness, and increased service support that businesses would benefit from having an online presence. 1. Opportunities for greater processing efficiency that is improving a range of business process from the organisation of the supply of goods, through to simplifying work and how it is carried out. My website sells music online, it has an effective on-line presence as it attracts young people to the site because it is advertising and promoting young bands. It is a highly efficient tool that can be used in a variety of ways to make business work better. For example I can direct my consumers to You Tube to view Britney Spears videos, Rihanna and other artists. The supply chain management and the tracking of orders on-line could be used in the future as the site at the moment is just promoting the viewing of tracks. Online sites have to have a secure payment management system E.g. ...read more.


Visibility An attractive website gives constant global visibility. For example, students click onto Amazon 24 hours a day to buy books and CDs. Manchester United Football Club has developed www.manutd.com selling the club's merchandise and building up a fan base across the world. Keeping track of competition Another advantage to businesses is that they can be much more aware of what their competitors are doing, as a result of on-going research into rival websites. This gives them a good idea of what is going on in terms of local, national and global competition. By regularly examining websites of businesses that are similar, an individual business can increase its capacity to analyse the competition. Lower barriers to entry Another important advantage of operating on-line is that barriers to entering many global markets have been lowered. For example, a small manufacturer of specialist high-quality chocolates in the past probably had to concentrate largely on its own local market. Perhaps it had a link with a foreign distributor, but that would involve sacrificing some of the profit to agents. Now even the smallest business can trade globally, provided that transport costs make up only a relatively small part of the overall price. ...read more.


Establishing links Competitiveness can also be enhanced by linking a particular business website with other websites, portals and ISPs. A hyperlink is a highlighted word or picture appearing in a hypertext document. When you click on this link it will take you to another place within the document or to another document or site. On the World Wide Web there are billions of links. In developing links with other websites or ISPs, you need to make sure that you are getting the traffic (visitors) most appropriate to your site. If you can attract millions of site visits then you will be doing something right, and will have a competitive advantage over rivals that take relatively fewer 'hits'. Effective communication Another important purpose of having an on-line presence is to maximise effective cross cultural communication through the use of visual images such as film or video. In designing an Internet page it makes sense not to rely too heavily on text. Having a website enables a business to communicate with people who use many different first languages and with different cultures and lifestyles. Short film clips and images as well as still pictures make it much easier to communicate across cultures and continents. ...read more.

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