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Describe the Promotional Mix at Universal Records and Skoda Car Company

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´╗┐Jed Hatton 20128821 Unit 9 Exploring Creative Product Promotion P1 Describe the promotional mix used by two selected organisations for a selected product or service. Promotional Mix The entire purpose of promoting products is to create awareness, persuade and inform customers about your product or service while identifying key features compared with competitive products. There are many benefits of performing successful promotion such as increasing sales and acquiring a greater market share, showing your products features and exposing competitive product?s flaws, teaching the market benefits of your product, explaining different usage of your product, conveying your brand image of your organisation and promoting new and improved features of your products. The common tools needed to achieve successful promotion include advertising, publicity and public relations, sponsorship, personal selling, direct market and corporate image development. Managers must use these tools together for maximum promotion to their consumers with minimal costs. Advertising Advertising is a type of communication that is meant to persuade its viewers, readers or listeners to take some action. ...read more.


Direct Market and Corporate Image Development Corporate Image Development is the build up of an image and understanding of a brand in people?s minds. It is generally an accepted image of what a company stands for. Marketing experts use public relations to further the image of the brand, this can be done by the news, the media, journalists and online blogs. This publicity enables to spark an interest among consumers, create share of mind, generate brand equity and therefore create product sales. Universal Records Promotional Mix Universal Records signed Jamie Cullum and the rest of his band who play jazz music. As part of their promotional campaign they sent a copy of his new album to the head girl at every single girl?s school in Britain. A total mail out of 430 state and independent schools were sent the CD by post. They put up promotional posters in schools and urged pupils to back the bands in polls and send in requests on radio stations for the Jamie Cullum to be aired. ...read more.


The Octavia was a completely new and up to date car reaching out from the usual target market of Skoda to the younger people, family men and working women who were more highly qualified. The Skoda owners would receive much more for their money compared with competitive models and the quality standards were also increased to that of any Volkswagen Group product. The Skoda marketing team incorporated a variety of promotional activities when proceeding with the launch. They went into shopping centers and other busy venues to exhibit the product, ran test drive campaigns; set up ?the Skoda challenge? where a test drive is given at dealerships and gives consumers the chance to compare with other competitive models; local and national press advertisements were given out as a publicity stunt and also to gain recognition; they did public relation activities with newspapers, magazines and television programmes, they found local sponsorships to advertise their brand in busy events and they allowed the local dealers from small towns to use the national campaign materials in order to spread a consistent message to the consumers as an act of direct marketing. Reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advertising http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporate_Image http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salesman http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sponsorship BTEC National Business Book Unit 9 Exploring Creative Product Promotion P1 ...read more.

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