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Describe the recruitment, retention and documentation process in Tesco, include job descriptions and person specifications.

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Unit 4: Effective People, Communication and Information Describe the recruitment, retention and documentation process in Tesco (includes describing job descriptions and person specifications. Guide to Recruitment Systems at Tesco Tesco is a major international company with many job opportunities, including management, graduate, school leaver and apprentice posts. We feel the need to have people with the right skills and behaviours to support its growth and development of our company. Tesco has clear organisational structures, detailed job descriptions and person specifications. It provides user-friendly ways of applying for jobs and a consistent approach to recruitment and selection. This means it can manage its changing demand for staff. Here at Tesco we use a workforce planning table to help us predict the likely demand for new staff in both managerial and non managerial roles. An example of this would be in 2008/2009 we calculated that to support its business growth there will be a demand for around 4,000 new managers. We do this planning process runs each year from the last week in February. ...read more.


If we do not feel there is a suitable person in the talent plan or management development programme we will advertise the job on our intranet for two weeks. For external recruitment, we advertise vacancies via our website (www.tesco-careers.com) or through vacancy boards in stores. Applications are made online for managerial positions. The chosen applicants have an interview followed by attendance at an assessment centre for the final stage of the selection process. People interested in store-based jobs with Tesco can approach stores with their CV or register though Jobcentre Plus. The store prepares a waiting list of people applying in this way and calls them in as jobs become available. For harder-to-fill or more specialist jobs, such as bakers and pharmacists, we have to advertise externally: � Through our website and offline media � Through television and radio � By placing advertisements on Google or in magazines We will the most cost-effective way of attracting the right applicants. It is expensive to advertise on television and radio, and in some magazines, but sometimes this is necessary to ensure the right type of people get to learn about the vacancies. ...read more.


Each level requires particular skills and behaviours. � Work level 1 - Staff with frontline jobs working directly with customers. Various in-store tasks, such as filling shelves with stock. Requires the ability to work accurately and with enthusiasm and to interact well with others . � Work level 2 - Staff leading a team of employees who deal directly with customers. Requires the ability to manage resources, to set targets, to manage and motivate others. � Work level 3 - Staff running an operating unit. Requires management skills, including planning, target setting and reporting. � Work level 4 - Staff supporting operating units and recommending strategic change. Requires good knowledge of the business, the skills to analyse information and to make decisions, and the ability to lead others. � Work level 5 - Staff responsible for the performance of Tesco as a whole. Requires the ability to lead and direct others, and to make major decisions. � Work level 6 - Staff creating the purpose, values and goals for Tesco plc. Responsibility for Tesco's performance. Requires a good overview of retailing, and the ability to build a vision for the future and lead the whole organisation. ...read more.

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