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Describe the role internet marketing has in a modern marketing context using selected organisations as examples.

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Describe the role internet marketing has in a modern marketing context using selected organisations as examples Internet marketing is getting more popular day by day. More businesses and also organisations are using internet marketing to get the attention of the customers and also to boost their sales on get customers satisfaction and increase more customers buying on the website. The e marketing is customers using the internet to buy stuff online. E - Product Strategies E product strategy is buying online and getting sales online by using the internet. However when buying online customers cannot touch it, assess it and try it on. On the other hand online sales are increasing rapidly. This is because there are clear facts about the product that the customers are about to purchase. The customers will immediately find out the features and facts about the product. For example if a customers wanted to buy a Ps3 and the customers wanted to ask something that wasn't there, the customers has few options ...read more.


This is done within seconds. Online surfing is getting more popular that the technology allows repeat visitors to be tracked and also show off more offers to them. The payment is very easy because you can d o it online with PayPal or even online credit cards. Also there is a downside which is internet fraud which is also rapidly spreading round the world. E - Place Strategies You can place a link anywhere on the internet. But however it should be a on a place where a lot of people visit and also it is very popular like www.google.co.uk. This is a very well known website and if you do place a link on to this website it is guaranteed that people will visit the website. Also you can place the link on other search engines and also on other websites where you think that people will visit regularly, like www.facebook.com and then place a link which will catch the eye of millions of surfers and the link will be going round the world. ...read more.


www.ebay.co.uk when you are buying an item which is still on auction then the person could press a button WATCH THIS ITEM and then you will receive automatic responses about the bidding and when it is about to end the bidding. Also you can put a price on there if you want so that you do not have to keep on staring at the screen until the auction is finished. E - Physical Evidence Strategies The physical evidence is online to see if the website have got the product. Also physical evidence can be when the item has come through the door and it is in your hands. By the online physical evidence is actually going onto the website like www.ebay.co.uk or www.amazon.co.uk and then checking if they have the item in stock and finding out what other items they may have to buy. What is the e market? What does it consist of? How do you advertise online? What are the tools used for e marketing? ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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