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Describe the stakeholders of the organisation, why they are interested in it, and give examples of how they attempt to influence it. CustomersCustomers are very important stakeholders to Morrison's

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Task 1 Describe the stakeholders of the organisation, why they are interested in it, and give examples of how they attempt to influence it. Customers Customers are very important stakeholders to Morrison's and are vital. Without their interest in Morrison's products and services, Morrison's would not now be now the Britain's largest supermarket retailer. So Morrison's must make sure that they give there customers what they want, ensuring them constantly into trusting the company to purchase and use Morrison's products and services. Customers influence Morrison's by purchasing and using the products Morrison's sell. If the customer finds that they are not happy with the products and services they can decide to stop using or discontinue using Morrison's products and services, which will have an huge impact on the company as profits will fall. Managers Mangers is another stakeholder which is important to Morrison's, this is because it's with the mangers influence and commitment that the company's activity can flow sufficiently and successfully. ...read more.


to take interest in the business activity causing a strain on the level of customer service, being motivated and focussed helps to keep customers happy and satisfied through the whole shopping experience. Employees influence the business by offering their customers good customer service, they help the business to achieve. The local community The local community will be interested in the well being of others and what is around them. For example: if Morrison's wanted to expand by opening an new superstore in an community based area this may effect the local community and therefore they would have to get the local community on there side as they may not be happy with the decisions Morrison's may have made. Morrison's have to make sure that they maintain a good relationship with the local community making sure that they don't affect the company in a bad way as a bad move could bring consequences the local community may decide to take action. ...read more.


The board carries out the daily running. Even if the company makes losses and can't pay a dividend, shareholders are allowed a copy of the annual report, including financial documentation. Naturally, companies want to offer high dividends to maintain good relationships with shareholders Suppliers Suppliers are the companies who supply the products which businesses sell consequently they are important stakeholders. Companies often find it difficult to satisfy suppliers, especially large supermarket chains, since they want to pay the lowest possible price for the products, so suppliers end up making little profit from their products. Due to these problems with satisfying suppliers large companies will often expand vertically, thus purchasing the suppliers, thus lowering costs, which will benefit the other stakeholders since it will mean lower costs, therefore increasing the profit margin on the products, whilst making it possible to lower the selling price of products. Morison's attempt to satisfy their suppliers by buying from them. ?? ?? ?? ?? RI ...read more.

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