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Describe the use of ICT for internal and external communications of the business and provide a detailed analysis of the impact of ICT on internal and external communications of the business (Sainsbury's)

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Describe the use of ICT for internal and external communications of the business and provide a detailed analysis of the impact of ICT on internal and external communications of the business Businesses need to communicate with range of individuals and organisations including their functional areas, their competitors, suppliers and customers. If business needs to operate effectively they need to have good communication. Information and communication technology (ICT) has had a dramatic effect on the way communication takes place in business. ICT has changed the means of communicating within the business. Communication can be simply defined as the flow of information from one person to another. Levels of communication simply refer to the sending and receiving of information at different points within an organisational structure. The ability of the sender to explain a message and the receiver to understand it are important in communication. If the message is supposed to be sent out by certain date, but the sender simply asks for as soon as possible, communication would not have been effective. Some times if the person doesn't understand what order to take, incorrect goods may be sent due to lack of effective communication. Research into nature of communications in organisations indicates it is important to have both formal and informal communications. Communications is replacing communication to ICT systems; ICT can be used to share some information. Functional areas can also share their information to other functional area. ICT incorporates the following as mediums of communication: EMAIL-with email sent through a service provider, the sender forwards the document to the receiver's email address, not directly to the recipient. ...read more.


The advantages of Faxes are they can send information electronically over the phone lines. It can be copied for others. Can be read at leisure. Can make changes and send later. The disadvantages of Faxes are: it takes time to produce the work. Delivery may take time. Other may read it. Sainsbury might use fax to inform suppliers. * Video conferencing- Video conferencing makes possible face-to-face meetings with people who are geographically separated. The advantages of video conferencing are: saving time and travel experiencing. Ready access to supplementary sources of information. Enabling people who work from home to communicate with others. Instant feedback can be received. Voices can be used to add emphasis or show feeling The disadvantages of video conferencing are: to set up needs correct equipment. It may also be costly. Everything must be organised in advance. The reception can be sometimes unclear. Examples of external communication include: * Sales department and Suppliers: to ensure that suppliers are constantly supplying food and they should never run out of food in Sainsbury. They use the electronic interchange- every item scanned on a till to be recorded and passed onto suppliers so that they know what to send. Sainsbury would have to spend more time ordering goods so this is much easier to use. However they could use Fax or telephone if they need to order goods urgently. * Sales department and Customers: they are responsible to pay for necessary resources. Sainsbury can have good communication with its customers is through websites. Customers can look for the price of their products, they can check their market share and etc. ...read more.


This lowers mistakes and will take less time. With tills so expensive Sainsbury has benefited, means customers won't have to wait too long for queues. * Easy of Use: employees need to know how to use the new equipments, they should be trained. As they use the equipment in time they will feel more confident using it. With automatic equipments it will save them and the customers more time. This will improve employee's skills & knowledge. ICT will lower the mistakes and can be corrected easily. Emails sending are also easy to use. Sainsbury may want to use fax machine to contact their suppliers and this is just easy, they just have to enter the phone number and paper to print. This is easy to use and it is fast. The new tills will need a lot of training so that employees can improve the customer service efficiently and become more confident in using them. * Presentation: To advertise products Sainsbury needs to write down things clearly and understand by customers. ICT allows them to advertise properly and design various posters etc. if they are not produced and advertised properly they will not be successful. Posters must be eye-catching; noticeable that will attract customer's attention. They must not lead customers mislead information. Presentation can help Sainsbury decide what products they need to sell with offers. ICT allows to be typed and have multiple copies and be sent to shareholders. This saves them time whereas they would be writing for each shareholder. ICT is effective for Sainsbury and other business. It has improved the communication and other things. It is efficiency and speed of communication is becoming fast and cheap. Overall it creates good impression of the business. ...read more.

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