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Design a computerised system for a newsagents account system

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Specification/Analysis 1:1 Statement of Problem Currently the newsagent uses a paper account system, in which she records all his transactions, stock and delivery details, at the end of the night into a book. Throughout the years she has always used this system and his books pile up. Performing this task is very time consuming and when searching for required information it can sometimes be quite difficult. My newsagents also admits that she is not particularly good at maths so when it comes to adding up all her calculations at the end she is worried that there are many errors. This could affect her business and she could lose customers. She knows that her current method is inefficient and inadequate but never converted to a spreadsheet system because her knowledge of ICT is not very good and she does not own a computer. When I asked if I could do this for her, she gladly accepted as she saw this as an opportunity to modernise her system. It meant that she would have more time for other things like concentrating on other bits of the shop or give her more free time. When taken into the back to get information on the shop I noticed that her records took up a lot of space. I mentioned that with a computer it would take up much less space to store all her documents and if she wanted to search for specific things she could do it with ease rather than fumbling around in the back. ...read more.


This way she will be able to store a lot more information in a smaller space. She said that doing the accounts at the end of the night was very time consuming. Searching for relevant information was difficult because she had to revert back to old records, which meant rummaging through the storage. Using the spreadsheet it will be easier to look up appropriate information. She admits that her maths skills are not 100% accurate and would like it so all she has to do is input the information and the system will perform the calculations. To do this I will require formulae within the spreadsheet - which will make calculations fast and accurate. When she has been working all day her stress levels are high making her concentration levels low. This results in her making the odd mistake when doing the accounts. Minor errors can be made she admits - which can affect annual readings. Included in her system, she wanted something that would minimise the chance of errors - cell validation should correct this. She is worried that people could access the system and change it so that all her figures would be incorrect. For that reassurance factor, I will make it so that a password will be required for certain things this way she and whoever she wishes will only have access. ...read more.


A printer will need to be purchased preferably a laser printer - they can be expensive but they are worthwhile because they are fast but also quiet. They will want to see how well the shop is performing and it makes it easier for their accountant. 1.6 Training My client should be able to work numerically to use the system, but great mathematical knowledge is not needed because the system will perform most calculations. The system will be relatively easy to use but some computer knowledge will be needed. My clients skills momentarily are quite limited, so suggested that they may want to attend to classes at an adult/night college or consult reference on system user guides. By doing this they will be able to work the system with ease and they will benefit because they will learn how to deal with more advanced functions. There are bound to be cost issues such as classes may not be free and most user guides you have to purchase, but it ends up cost effective because she will extend her knowledge barriers and she will be able to utilise the software more effectively. 1.7 Summary of System Objectives The main objectives of the system are: It will be easy to use, Calculations will be performed with accuracy, Calculations will be performed with speed, Information will consume less space, Information will not be accessible without the correct password. ...read more.

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