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Design and Organisation of Management

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Introduction My course work is based on textile spinning that how should a manager deal with each step he makes. In textile spinning the role of a manager is totally different than in the book of management. Here the managers have to deal with everything which is possible. Director Role Designing and organizing Designing is creating the organizational structure so that work can be efficiently and effectively allocated to different departments and work units. Those work units are: > Strategy > Structure > People > Rewards > Processes In textile, there are five directors. And on those five directors the top director is the managing director. He passes the orders of what should be done and what shouldn't be done. As being a managing director, he has four directors, working in four different departments. And these four directors tell the managing director how well the company is going on. The four directors are: > Director of Marketing > Director of Finance > Director of Operations > Director of Human Resource The director of marketing: The director of marketing is the one who market his product in the market. At first he should try to target good customers from the market who are well known or at least who will buy the product slowly but often. ...read more.


Designing Work The coordinator should decide that whether more traditional and specialised work designs are preferred or to opt for work designs that give employees greater responsibility and greater autonomy. This decision is influenced by the technology required, the changing of the environment (in which the decision should be made quickly), and the link to the external customers. The coordinator should know the behavioural approach toward everyone. Behavioural approach should be towards the top management, middle management and the lower management. The behaviour could cost the coordinator lose his job. Job Design Strategies > Job Enlargement > Job Enrichment > Job rotation > Empowerment Job Enlargement Job enlargement is the opposite to the task of specialisation This increases the skill variety and task identity by redesigning the job to increase the number of task that the employee performs. This could be criticised because the work may not be challenging comparing to one task. This could increase the ability to complete a whole piece of work. Job Enrichment Except for increasing the variety, job enrichment increases the responsibility, decision making and feed back in the employees' work and enhances the nature of the job relation with managers, company worker and clients. Job Rotation Job rotation helps the employees to increase their skills by allowing individuals to shift among the variety of tasks. ...read more.


Developing Creative Thinking Skills 1). Domain relevant skills: The domain relevant skill is that the more the manager knows the more creative he can be. Creative relies on linking knowledge together. 2). Creative Relevant Skills: They know how to make people to associate previously unrelated concepts and to think differently. 3). Task Motivation Creating an environment that is conductive to creativity. Competency 3: Managing Change The world is changing at a very high speed rate and so as the people and organization. And all the organizations are under pressure to change. Understanding resistance to plan change The following changes usually provoke resistance: > Changes affecting knowledge and skill needs. > Changes suggested associated with economic or status loss. > Changes suggested by others. > Changes involving risk. > Changes that disrupt social relationships. The Mentor Role The mentor role might be called the concerned human role. This role reflects a caring, empathetic orientation. In this role a manager is expected to be helpful, considerate, sensitive, approachable, open, and fair. In acting out the role, the leader listens, supports legitimate requests, conveys appreciation, and give recognitions. This competency has been shown to be a key factor that differentiates successful managers from those who have detailed. Integrity, security, and self-acceptance increase the ability to practice empathy, the key skill in helping others to grow. Empathy involves truly putting yourself in the position of others and honestly trying to see the world as they see it. ...read more.

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