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Developing a Product Evaluation

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Task 6: The high quality pizza will be a 12 inch high quality pizza. I have decided to sell a 12 inch pizza because there was more demand for them over the 7 inch, 9 inch and 15 inch pizza. I have also chosen to put chilli chicken and sweetcorn as the toppings they were the most preferred toppings chosen by the people who filled out the questionnaire. The following graph shows what the people who fill out the questionnaire chose as their favourite topping. They were asked to choose their 3 favourite and even though cheese was chose the most; it is always included on every pizza. Form is the appearance of an item - what it looks like. Aesthetic of a product is the beauty of the product and is solely based on the looks of it. Before the pizza is baked, the flour mixed in with water to make the dough. The flour is white in colour and has a soft texture. The dough has a pale yellow colour and can be moulded into any shape which makes it perfect for the pizza base. The sweetcorn is light yellow in colour before it has been cooked and after it has been cooked, it darkens vaguely and become slightly firm. The chicken is also a bit pale as it has been kept in the refrigerators and after it has been cooked, it turns to a dark drown colour. It has a cube shape because it is bought diced from the suppliers - JJ Food. The chillies are dark green in colour and are quite small because they are cut up into small pieces. The form of the pizza will be a round circular shape. It will have a brown look to it once it has been baked in the oven because the base on and toppings will be cooked. The pizza will have a soft texture however; the crust will have a more crispy texture. ...read more.


These resources are bought from a variety of sources such as Charlies Direct, Argos and Asda. Oven - 1 home oven I will be using a home oven to bake the pizzas. There is no cost for this oven because it has already been bought before. This oven contains a grill as well so more pizzas can be made. This oven can make a total of 4 pizzas at any one time Pizza pan - 15 Necessities Non Stick Round Pizza Tray These pizza pans will be used as a mould in which I can put the pizza base in so I can get a perfect 12 inch pizza. It will also be used to hold the pizza when it is being baked in the oven. I have bought 15 of these as the oven I have bought means I can make 4 pizzas at a time. I have bought an extra incase they get damaged. Pizza cutter - 3 Kitchen Craft Professional Stainless Steel Oval Handled Pizza Cutter The pizza cutter will be used to cut the 12 inch pizza into 8 equal slices. I bought 3 of these as each of the employees who are making the pizza (me and the other 2 employees) can each use one instead of sharing them. Knives - 6 Piece Sevilha Stainless Steel Steak Knife Set These knives are bought in a set of 6. They will be used to cut the toppings for the high quality pizzas. The knives are made from stainless meaning it cannot stain, rust or corrode as easily as normal steal. I have only bought one set of these as there are 6 knives in the set which is more than enough as there are only people making the pizzas. Mixing bowl - 3 Kitchen Craft 32.5cm Traditional Stoneware Mixing Bowl The mixing bowl will be used to mix the flour and the water which will make the dough. ...read more.


This is when you put the end price of a product/good to '99' or '98' because it makes it look cheaper. Using psychological pricing meant it would attract more customers as they think the price of the product is cheaper whereas it is only cheaper by only 1p. The variable cost of making the pizza is �4.32. This includes all the raw materials used to make the pizza such as ingredients and packaging. The weekly cost is �1,296 which is based on making an estimated amount of 50 pizzas a day (300 pizzas a week). Selling 50 pizzas a day would mean my business would make a weekly revenue of �3,597. After deducting the human resources the weekly profit for my business would be �1,285: (�3,597 - �1,296) - �1,015.15. This shows the price Dominoes pizza charge for their pizza. They currently charge �13.39 for a medium pizza with green peppers, roast chicken and sweetcorn. There medium pizza is also 11.5 inch, half an inch smaller than mine. Therefore customers are more likely to go to my business because it is cheaper and they're getting a better value for their money. My main local competitor is Rocco's Pizza. On their websites, I chose to edit the Margherita pizza so it included green chillies, chicken and sweetcorn so I could compare their prices to mine. This picture shows that they charge �12.75 for their pizza which is 76p more than mine. This again shows that customers are likely to choose my business over there. All though my prices suggest my pizza is cheaper; consumers may still want to go to competitors. A reason why customers would still want to go to competitors is because they have loyalty to them. Another reason why they may want to go there is because they have the option to go order in the actual shop whereas in my business, they can only order over the phone. Dominoes Pizza are known worldwide therefore consumers may want to go there because they have a higher reputation. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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