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Developing a Product

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Task 1: Introduction to the business: The business I am studying is called 'Rocco's Pizza'. Rocco's Pizza was established in 1980 and is a franchise whose stores are located in Bristol, Southampton, Surrey and Camberley. The store I am studying is Located in Greenford - London. Rocco's Pizza mainly sells low - medium quality pizza. As well as pizza, they sell other appetisers such as garlic bread, chips, chicken wings, ice cream and soft drinks. Rocco's pizza has their own online store (http://www.roccospizza.co.uk) in which customers can place there order and get it delivered, or have it collected in stores. The main product the shop sells is a pizza. Before the pizza is made, the employee has to make the dough which is made from flour mixed into water. The size of the dough depends on the size the customer order. They come is a variety of sizes from 7 inches (small) to 15 inches (extra large). Once the dough is made, they flatten it out into a circular shape and add the basic cheese and tomato sauce. They then add a variety of topping which is decided by the customer such as Pepperoni, Chicken, Mushrooms, Sweetcorn, Bacon etc. They come with a choice of crust: deep pan - a thick crust that goes around the edges of the pizza or no crust. Once the raw pizza is made, it is put into the oven. While it is in the oven, the pizza rises, the cheese melts and the toppings are cooked. After it is cooked, it is immediately put into a box so it is kept freshed and is either delivered to the customer or given to them in store. The shop I am studying is located next to a school. This is a very good location as the students are likely to go out for their lunch and having a fast food restaurant next to a school would mean the student are more likely to go there. ...read more.


Rocco's Pizza allows their customer to pay via debit or credit card. This is convenient for their customers as they don't have to carry around money with them when buying from the shop. They can also control the amount they spend as is they pay with cash; the customers may have some change left over and spend it on other stuff. Paying via credit/debit card can be done in stores through the credit card reader. Rocco's Pizza can't offer return on purchases because it is food. It can only be returned if there is something faulty with the pizza for example if a hair is found in there; however this is a very rare occurrence. If there is something faulty with the pizza such as if the wrong toppings are put on, then they can either offer the customer with a refund or a freshly baked new pizza. Rocco's Pizza gives their customers offers to attract them. They have 4 deals in which they provide to their customers: 1. Buy any medium pizza and you can get the 2nd, up to the same value, for �2.00 2. Buy any Large Pizza and get the 2nd, up to the same value, for �3.00 3. Buy a medium Margherita with up to 5 toppings, with Garlic Sticks or Garlic Bread, a portion of Potato Wedges and 2 cans of soft drink for �12.49 4. Buy A Large Margherita with up to 5 toppings, with Garlic Sticks or Garlic Bread, Hot Wings or BBQ Wings and a 1.5 litre soft drink for �15.99 The waiting time at Rocco's Pizza is average. The delivery time is roughly 30 minutes as they have to make the pizza and deliver it to the customer's house. If there are delays, the customers may get frustrated and may never shop their again. They may even refuse to take it a demand for a refund. ...read more.


Rocco's Pizza has the tough challenge of paying bills. They have to pay bills for water, electricity, heating, lighting and the worse of them all, business tax. They have to try and minimise any wasted resources in order to reduce bills. A way in which they could do this is by turning of the lights and radiators when they're not in use. A computer is an important financial resource to Rocco's Pizza. It is important to them as it is used to draw up financial data such as cash flow forecasts, budgets, profit & loss accounts and balance sheets. They can use this data to see how well their business if doings convince bank manager to take out a loan should they require one. Materials: The material resources are the equipments needed to make an item. For hygienic reasons, the staffs at Rocco's Pizza have to wear equipment while they are making the pizza. An example of an equipment wear is hairnets. This goes over the head and is used to prevent any hair pieces from falling on to the pizza. They also wear rubber gloves when preparing the pizza to stop and dirt or bacteria from spreading. This is used as a precaution when though the employees wash their hand before they are making pizza. Rocco's pizza has a computer located in their store which has many purposes. One of which is to order stock from JJ Food. They use the computer to select the amount of quantity they want and to enter their shipping and contact details. Another reason they use a computer is to design and print out their leaflets. They would use a software like Microsoft Word as it has a variety of features such as word art and a wide selection of fonts. They also have a till which is used to calculate the customer's order and is also used to print out their receipts. The till also contains change in which the cashier has to give to the customer if they don't have any change. ?? ?? ?? ?? Unit 6 - Developing a product ...read more.

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