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developing ustomer Relations

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I have chosen Ozone health and fitness club for this assignment. Ozone health and fitness is a local gym and is one of oxford leading gyms. They have competition against other leading gym in oxford such as David Lloyds, la fitness, arena etc. Ozone health and fitness club try to keep their customers satisfied by giving them good deal on their member ships and good facilities in the gym to use. They also run separate classes for the members such as yoga, Pilates, conditioning, pump, circuits etc. the gym is located at the kassam stadium, home of oxford united. The Ozone health and fitness club. customers are very important to the business with out them their wouldn't be a gym they need as many customers as they can get without them they wont be able to make any profit. So far they got over two thousand members. . Fitness arena they team professionally qualified trainer are on hand to help to achieve your personal fitness. The Ozone has a dedicated spinning zone which caters for 10 members per class. Also ozone has a 20m indoor swimming pool with sauna steam room. The Ozone offers a variety of personal training options. The range of equipment in the fitness arena includes a comprehensive selection of precor resistance and cardiovascular equipment including running cycling step and rowing equipment all. ...read more.


Student expect the gym to be nice clean places were they can go and work out in a good decent environment, they expect an induction when they first join so they know how to use all the equipment and know were everything is that they need to use. Most student usually get discount when they join the gym the price is �35. Some student expect to have a car park so that they could park the cars or a bike rack were they can lock there bikes up. Students can get a discount. Also I thing that student will like to have MATV and also like to lessen to music. The next group I am going to look at are people over55 they can go there and use the fitness equipment to keep fit. The doctor may advise them to use the equipment to help them if they have problems with their legs. They also may go there so it will help them live longer. When they go their there is not many young people. When they need to pick up heavy equipment there will be an instructor that can help them and give them help if they need it. I thing that over55 they went quit They should be bale to relax in the gym also air conditioning The next group I am going to give the impression is corporate customers. ...read more.


Could you name three different types of customers that the Ozone health centre has? The Ozone has student, Over 55s and workers from other business customers. 2. Why are customers important to the business? Customers are important because with out them out them the business would not be able to function. 3. How do you group your customers Over 55s have one group and customers from other business have one, customers who can use they gym have a group, restricted group. The Ozone gym gas over all six groups. 4. Do you have special deals for student or retired people? The Ozone gym has special deals for over 55s so that the gym could be busy in the morning and afternoons. Students pay �35 per month to use the facilities. 5. What do customers expect from the business? Customers expect to have facilities to use, equipment in the gym, a clean place and an instructor who can help with anything in the gym. They also expect the facilities to be running on time. 6. Can customers have a trail for a day so that they could find out if they would want a membership? Customers can have a trail up to three days so that they can use the facilities and see if they want to have a membership If customers pay less or get afternoons. Student pay �35 per month to use the facilies. ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC first Business Unit 2 developing customer Relations Task 1 1 ...read more.

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