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Development of E-Commerce.

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Development of E-Commerce E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet. This offers businesses the potential of another market to sell their products in therefore enabling them to have a higher sales rate, which will overall make an increase profit for the business. There can be barriers to selling products on the internet, the graph below shows many of the barriers shown to businesses: I have bullet pointed a summary of this graph: * Access to telecommunication services is a 45% high barrier. This shows that businesses do not have enough access to these services therefore they do not bother with e-commerce, if this was readily available e-commerce would be used much more. * The ability for customers and buyers to use e-commerce is a 62% barrier, this is a very high percentage. Business may choose not to use e-commerce because they are afraid that their customers and suppliers will not like this new idea. Businesses need to research into what their customers want because they may prefer the business to use e-commerce. * Time and staff resources has a high percentage of a 66% barrier this shows that businesses probably want to join e-commerce due to the high sales but they do not have the time to train staff and provide the business with employees, which are confident with e-commerce. ...read more.


Privacy of your details is also important, no customer wants their details distributed to other companies, below is M and M Sport's privacy policy: Privacy (M&M Sports Ltd. is committed to protecting your privacy. The information collected from you is used lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988. Any information given at the time of ordering is kept by M&M Sports Ltd. The type of information collected, for the purposes of processing your order are: Your name Address Phone number Email Address Credit/debit card details M&M Sports Ltd does not sell, rent or trade your details to third parties. The information we receive is solely for the use of M&M Sports Ltd. If you do not wish to receive any mailings, emailunsubscribe@mandmsports.com with your email address, customer number or name and address details.) This is how M and M Sports attend to the Data Protection Act 1988, if they did not then they could be prosecuted. This business would not give details away; this could lead to them loosing a lot of money and prevent customers from buying products off them via the Internet. Not only do M and M Sports need to protect the customer against hackers and distribution of their details but they also need to protect themselves, this is done through the Terms and Conditions: Terms & Conditions (All information including pricing is correct at the time of publishing. ...read more.


When I emailed M and M Sports I was not given information on how they prevent people from hacking into the system and how they protected their site against virus', I was told that it was confidential information. I have researched a number of ways in which the business could prevent any potential data loss: * Computer virus protection - different software can be designed to prevent any virus' entering the system, this means reading and checking the contents of all files, systems and applications, on each disc and any entering the computer from other drives. * Controlling access - limited amount of users can prevent data loss, this can be done through security staff, locks, alarms, video surveillance, employee authority and password protection. * Maintaining confidentiality - Computer Misuse ACT (1990) this identifies three offences: * Unauthorised access to computer material * Unauthorised access with intent to commit offences * Unauthorised modification of computer material The ways to prevent data loss will ensure that customer data is kept safe and not distributed. E-commerce is a new method of selling given to businesses but in order to protect themselves and customers, laws have to be given. A business will jeopardise their reputation if they do not meet laws given to them. M and M Sports have shown they do meet the data protection laws. AVCE Business KELLY WOOD E-Commerce ...read more.

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