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Devise a system that would help the owner of a car dealership to organise the business.

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Task: Devise a system that would help the owner of a car dealership to organise the business. The aspects that the owner needs help with are: > A record of all stock has to be kept so that if a customer comes in and makes enquires about a specific car salesman can immediately inform them whether the dealership has such a car. > A record of customers has to be kept for further mailings about special offers. Analysis: I am computerising a car dealerships business system. The current user is using a paper file system and the problems which they are encountering are: > The quantity of paper > Lost records > Retrieving records i.e. being filed wrongly by human error > Archiving as it is time consuming > Sorting records is time consuming > It is a fixed system to retrieve files by so no files can be received easily outside the fixed system. > Capacity of files / space > No backup / copy > Don't know exactly what is in the files The system would require some specific features such as: > The user would need to be able to retrieve records by multiple keys and many keys > The user may need to find specific customer details > The user may need to inter link databases > The user may need to mail merge information to inform customers of offers > The user may nee monthly reports i.e. ...read more.


Whereas by visiting I would get limited information and the information would not be as complex. The current system used by the company has a number of different inputs and outputs but only one process. These are: INPUTS PROCESSES OUTPUTS 'Have you a blue Audi TT?' Look through index cards of paper filing system of Audi Make then TT then Blue Make of car Model of Car Colour of Car `Have you a Renault under �8000? ` Look through index cards of the paper filing system for Renaults and extracting all under �8000 Make of Car Model of Car Price of Car ` Have you an automatic car? ` Look through all the index cars of every make and extracting all the automatic cars Make of Car Model of Car Price of Car Gearbox of Car `Have you a manual Green Vauxhall under �10000? ` Look through the Vauxhall index cards and extracting all the manual cars then the blue then the ones under �10000 Make of Car Model of Car Gearbox of Car Colour of Car Price of Car `Have you a diesel Ford? ` Look through the Ford index cards and extract all the diesel fords Make of Car Model of Car Fuel type of Car `Have you a car under �13000 with a 1.4 litre engine? ` Look through all the index cards and extract all the cars under �130000 then extract the Cars with a 1.4 litre engine Make of Car Model of Car Price of Car Engine of Car This system ...read more.


L.Carvey. I could use a template to set out the letter in a more formal way. Put the company address into a header. 1. Print Screen of a query in Design View 1: Print Screen of the query proccess : Print Screen of the output of the query i.e. the results 2. Print Screen of design layout of a query 2: Print Screen of the output: The advantages of Layout 1 are: > Easy for the user to work as the parameter querys have instructions in th dialogue box > Easy to be used as a set query The disadvantages of Layout 1 are: > The parameter query limits the amount of things that can be searched for as they are designated in the design view > There would have to be many different queries for each table The advantages of Layout 2 are: > There is no limit to what the query can be used to search for > Only one query would have to be set up per table The disadvantages of Layout 2 are: > The user would have to edit the design view and if they were unfamilliar with databases this would be challenging. > There are no onscreen instructions to help the user. In my final database I have chosen to use parameter queries as they are more user friendly and enable the search to be more efficiently. There is also no risk of the database being edited as the design view is not used in the process of the query. Candidate Name: Louise Carvey Centre Name: Dr Challoners High School Candidate Number: 8172 Centre Number: 52207 ...read more.

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