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Different means of promotion. All forms of activity incorporate all four elements of AIDA. The company that I am going to be looking at is Walkers, they have used these elements in there campaign for walkers extra crunchy crisps.

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Exploring Promotional Activities Definition: The way a business promotes their products to consumers and stores. So they can improve there brand image and create awareness to boast sales and to achieve a competitive advantage. They also grow there profits which expands there market shares, inform charity/services to differentiate and create a USP. Below are many different forms of promotions * Advertising (Billboards/Posters) * Sales Promotions * Public Relations * Sponsorship * In store merchandising * Loyalty schemes * Celebrity endorsements * Websites * Catalogues * Exhibitions * Party Plan Selling * Door to Door sales * D.R.T.V (Direct Response) * Junk Mail * Texts/Pop ups * Product placement (Films - TV shows) * Viral * Relationship Marketing Awareness Interest Desire Action AIDA is not a linear function it is a matrix, this is because there are many interconnecting factors, and at the centre of the matrix is the promotional objectives. All forms of activity incorporate all four elements of AIDA. The company that I am going to be looking at is Walkers, they have used these elements in there campaign for walkers extra crunchy crisps. ...read more.


they have launched there new promotion 'Win �10 Every Day It Rains'. In store Merchandising They have shelf and mass displays to promote there products. This makes them stand out more because there are big parts of displays dedicated to them. These show the products that they are promoting and lots of signage explaining the promotion and what the product is. Celebrity Endorsement Walkers use celebrity endorsement when promoting there products. Recently they have launched a new campaign to promote there new extra crunchy crisps. Within the advertising they have used two celebrities Gary Lineker and Lionel Riche. Websites Walkers have there own website, which shows all of the different products they make, and the promotions they have going on. www.wallkers.co.uk Samples They give customers samples of there products, you can get these through the post, or they give them out at supermarkets. End-Cap Display Walkers use end cap displays like the picture below, to make people more aware of there new products or promotions. End cap displays also encourage impulse shopping. ...read more.


Trade Marketing Trade Catalogue and Pricelist & Websites Walkers have a trade catalogue with all of there products and price lists in. This is purely for business to business use. Businesses like Tesco will receive this catalogue so they can look at the range of products that they sell. Tesco will then order the products that they want to sell in there shop from this. They also have a website in which they have this information on making it easier and more efficient for businesses to look at the products and order them online. Trade Exhibition They have stalls at trade exhibitions, it's more than likely they'll have a stall when there launching a new product. Relationship Marketing They take clients out Trade Magazines They have articles in trade magazines, usually when a new product has been launched. These articles tells the business about there products and how well they sell. Samples They send other business's samples of there products so that they will want to buy there products and sell them in there shops. ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC Business Claire Widdicombe Unit 9 (Exploring Promotional Activity) P1 ...read more.

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