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Dilemmas in Leadership- How can Leaders Move from 'Command and Control' To a More Collaborative Style? Organizations are directed by leaders who apply different styles of leadership geared towards achievement of certain set objectives. Numerous changes are being experienced in the world as a result of human advancement. Hence it's important for organizations or businesses to embrace these changes if they are to remain relevant and competitive. Most organizations have realized this and have incorporated structures that give room for change within them. Such measure can only be attained through restructuring organization by shifting the styles of leadership from power and control to collaborative which is considered to be more accommodative and flexible. Embracing technology has greatly revolutionized the manner through in which ventures are managed by providing avenues for public to comment on their performance. The customer care department receives information on the quality of product or service delivered and the adjustments needed as per the market needs. This has helped the leaders of most companies to understand that collaboration in product development with the lower employees is important since they are the ones in touch with the actual consumers of the product. This has compelled most leaders to rethink the importance of incorporating others in making decisions that drive an organization. The ability of an organization to translate its objective is determined by its leadership style. The changes of leadership style require a coordinated effort from different portfolios and the employees at large. Generally human beings have divergent views hence it's important to take note that change of leadership style and structure in an organization or amongst various departments must not necessarily be a smooth process (Whitley, 2010). ...read more.


The ability of a leader to share his power and control with others is not an easy thing. But in most organizations where it has been implemented, more positive results have been reported. This can be attributed to the fact that change to this style gives more room for others to develop their leadership qualities which eventually impacts positively on the enterprise. The ability of a leader to gain trust from his subjects is important as it enable good flow of information within an organization (Oates, 2010). Power and control centered on one or a certain small group of individuals lacks appropriate mechanism of gaining access to information and happenings from the employees. Collaborative style brings every member on board making it easy to share information. A leader who gives room for everyone's participation encourages team work amongst the workers. This boosts cohesiveness in a working environment which translates to high returns for the organization. The transformation of leadership from power and control to collaborative creates an environment where that a leader is no longer above the others hence he plays a middle role in making decisions for the institution. Collaboration amongst leaders and workers promotes openness and confidence. In a style of leading where command and control is employed, the followers tend to have a feeling of inferiority. In case of hush and ruthless leader, employees who are deemed to be close to the leader may be mistaken to be traitors by their counterparts who view them as spies. ...read more.


This process may not be immediate as adjustments in various departments may be required for the success of leadership style transition. The leader should ensure that the process of change does not affect the morale of the employees. Change in leadership style is commonly associated with anxiety among the employees which can translate to poor performance hence resulting to loss. Restructuring of leadership from command and control to collaborative is applicable to most organizations or businesses though it cannot be completely discarded but only improved. It's important to note that there are institutions that can operate effectively only through command and control. The armed forces require command from the top generals. The commands are directed to the middle level officers who further carry the instructions to lieutenants and others in similar ranks for the command to be executed. Hence the type of leadership style can is Autocratic (Kisner, 2010). The commands are not further subjected to discussion by the lower officer rather their role is to execute the directions they are given. To conclude, it's important to note that the process of changing the leadership style of organization is a very tedious process that requires a supervisory body that guides the entire process. During initiation stage there are challenges that may be encountered hence tolerance and caution must be observed by the leaders. The restructuring of various departments require adequate training and guidance. A body that monitors the progress attained in implementation of the change should from time to time provide progress reports to the management. The reports will enable the leader to make adjustments as necessary for the success of the process. ...read more.

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