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Dow chemicals Business Report. I am writing this report on behalf of Dow chemicals to improve compliance with the two identified global compact principles out of the 10 principles

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2012 Name of Student Institute Name [BUSINESS REPORT] SUBMISSION TO LOCAL NETWORK Table of Contents Our Pledge 3 Positives and Negatives 4 Recommendation 5 Benefits and challenges for key stakeholders 5 Implications for key stakeholders 6 Reference 7 Our Pledge I am writing this report on behalf of Dow chemical's to improve compliance with the two identified global compact principles out of the 10 principles (principle 6 - "the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation", Principle 8 -"Businesses should undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility"). The company's mission is to constantly improve that what is essential to human progress by mastering science & technology. In order to achieve its mission and 10 principles of UN global Compact Dow Chemical's has adopted various practices and approaches. This report gives and insight of the lessons learnt from the business practices followed and the approaches adopted giving recommendation to improve those compliances. It also discusses the benefits, challenges and implications for the company's key stake holders. Positives In the year 2010, Dow had sponsored the Dow Live Earth Run for Water which is one of the largest global water initiatives in order to raise people awareness and solve the water crisis. ...read more.


where a leak of methyl isocyanate (MIC) on 3rd December 3 at a pesticide plant owned by Union Carbide India took the lives of thousands of people residing there. These had an impact on the image of the company and from there on the company took various measures to improve on the safety fronts. It has learnt many lessons from this. Recommendation On the recommendation part we would like o suggest that the company should do more research on the affected people who claims that they have been affected by the chemicals of their units. Moreover by providing proper treatments to the poor people in the affected areas may further improve the image of the company. It can open up hospitals in those areas, medical aid should be provided, adequate knowledge on the diseases and its types. Dow Chemical should stop its plant which produces chemicals hazardous towards the society. It should emphasis more on the health safety measures for its employees. Timely checkups, awareness at sites among the employees, various safety measures etc. although the company is trying to bring down its casualty at site to Zero% . ...read more.


As everyone is treated equally in the company, more pressures are faced with them than before. Employees should compete with each other to get a promotion. 2. The shareholders may put more money on R&D and operating phase. Both hiring skilful employees and adopting advanced agricultural technology will consume a good deal of money. What's more, it takes a large sum of money to build up a new transparency system and a new monitoring department. All these aspects need company to invest money. 3. Communities will take steps to accept the new concept for Do products. It is always difficulty for community members to accept DOW CHEMICALS products because they think these products violet the balance of the biology and their regional belief. Implications for key stakeholders The implications for key stakeholders would benefit both our company and the stakeholders themselves as both parties could receive profits from the recommendations. Our company needs to build up a friendly relationship with these stakeholders to run smoothly, at the same time, the stakeholders can get better products and a more comfortable planet. Thanks for your time and we hope to receive a later response of the local network members to this report about the recommendation we have made. ...read more.

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