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During my internship I gained an understanding on how BP operates on a day to day basis.

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked I have completed a six week summer internship at BP; BP is one of the world's six major oil and gas companies. BP is a public limited company (Plc) which means that shares are available to be bought by anyone and is listed on the London stock exchange. During my internship I gained an understanding on how BP operates on a day to day basis. Structure of the work program Firstly, BP have an induction for all new members of staff. During the induction, new staff will be instructed on the health and safety, for instance holding the hand rail, having lids on all drinks. They will also be given details about BP, what they do and what they offer their employees. Lastly, they will talk about what happens in emergencies such as fires or if somebody needs medical help. Everyone who works at BP has a designated base where they work. ...read more.


In addition, they produce manuals; staff will receive handouts on policies and procedures and health and safety. They also have the intranet where the handouts will be located. Moreover, they will need people to order stationery. Every building has a section where all stationery is located; the cleaners are in charge of maintaining the stationery and restocking if needed. But they would contact the administration team for them to order stationery if they were running low. In addition, administration will do archiving; this is when you file away documents for a later date. Archiving is usually done electronically on websites like SharePoint. It is then easy to access when it?s needed at a later date. Lastly, BP allow work shadowing for new staff and work experience students. This is where they are matched with an experienced member of team gain a better understanding of the job so that they can do it in the future. ...read more.


When employed the employee will be aware of all responsibilities of employment. They will receive a job description which will tell them their roles, who they are responsible to and who are they responsible for. Information Information has great importance in BP. Firstly recording information, storing and reporting information is usually done on SharePoint; this is a website where documents can be stored. They then may share this information because they want other opinions or because it may help them. This may also be shared on SharePoint or email, Lync calls or teleconferencing. However, this information may be confidential and so when new staff are employed they will be told to turn computer screens off when not in use and lock the screen, don?t leave print outs lying around and they will also sign a confidentiality contract. Lastly, to improve confidentially all staff will have passwords on their laptop and to any information sharing medium; only the people with the passwords can gain access. In conclusion, working at BP has improved my understating on the workplace and I now have a great understating of how BP operate as a large successful energy company. ...read more.

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