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E-commerce plan - I will be producing a plan report aimed at the management of Price Brown Partnership. Price Brown Partnership is a Qualified 'family' Real Estate Agency established in Mojacar since 1984.

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E-Commerce Plan Introduction I will be producing a plan report aimed at the management of Price Brown Partnership. Price Brown Partnership is a Qualified 'family' Real Estate Agency established in Mojacar since 1984. Price Brown Partnership was the first British Professionally Qualified Real Estate Agents to practice in the area. As members of a prestigious professional institute, their aim was to set a standard of 'Caring' in the interests of their clients, offering them a free after-sales service. They have an earned respect of the local people by delivering an efficient, honest and straight forward service, they were chosen by them to sell their property, and purchasers were recommended to seek their advice and guidance. Consequently, it is now the one of the foremost offices in the Province. Price Brown has properties that are close to the beach and others further back. Some that is near to the village and others out in the countryside. They have townhouses and villas in adjoining areas and on the hill side. Map of Mojacar Fig 1.0 Mojacar is located in the province of Almeria which sits between the provinces of Granada and Murcia/Alicante. 3100 hours of Sunshine a Year Almeria offers the best climate in the whole of Spain, warm and dry throughout the year, with little rain and a large number of hours of sun a year. Temperatures reaching no lower than an average of 13� C in the winter and no higher than an average of 25� C in the summer. A perfect all year round climate. Mojacar is a unique blend of mountains and valley areas sheltering the beach and the sea. Mojacar is also a very popular destination for holidays it is actually one of the top ten destinations in the world. That's why is been an ideal for Price Brown Partnership business to operate in this geographic segment. The business reason/ rational for development & introduction of e-commerce into the partnership and the objectives of the strategy E1 The benefits of ...read more.


By having sponsorship and advertising may bring revenue to the business. The Price Brown partnerships have not been able to really forecast a demand, as some potential customers leave the web site after a few minutes because they are unaware how to join the mailing system of Price Brown partnership. The Price Brown partnership can overcome this by ensuring it's clear to join the mailing system on the home page. This way a potential customer can pass information on the villa they are requesting information on. People visiting the Price Brown partnerships may feel there is a lack of commitment in the business; they may feel the business only providing services and villa aimed at 30-40 year olds. The Price Brown partnerships may louse customer between 25-30 as they think the Price Brown partnerships is aimed at families and older people. The way the Price Brown partnerships can overcome this barrier is by making the web site appeal more to the younger people. This could include information on the local night-clubs and activates. There is a major barrier of people not trusting the Internet, they may feel it's is not secure or safe to pass their credit card details, this would apply to the Price Brown partnerships if they rented villas online. They way they could resolve this is by warning customers their details will be secure as the server has a high security server. For some businesses, barriers to E-commerce may appear to be impossible to overcome, for example when products cannot be sold electronically, the company cannot deal with such high demand or response rates. Many of these barriers can be overcome by carrying out the following procedures: * Using government support * Recruiting new staff * Customer education and awareness campaigns * A good business plan * Training and development of staff * Commercial websites that offer help and support, for example Price Waterhouse Coopers, IBM * Help from organisations such as AEV (Alliance for electronic business) ...read more.


It is surprising to see how many sites omit vital information or lack clear site navigation. This leads to a frustrating experience for the site visitor which in turn diminishes trust in the business. Lack of trust means lower sales. With the Price Brown Partnership is already a successful business the online website is also good, but with my help it can be improved to get the most out of e-commerce. Having a well-built website is only part of a successful e-commerce operation. It has to be backed-up by business processes that contribute to a great overall customer experience: * Consistent and quick customer service. * Secure and reliable hosting. * Appropriate online marketing campaigns The Price Brown Partnership has a well-built website. It important to consider the cost of marketing and financial implications, if the cost was not anticipated this would cause a failure to the e-commerce strategy. It is likely the financial costs and marketing will be recorded in a sales budget after that is finalised it can be put in a sales forecast, so the Price Brown Partnership can forecast an estimate on the amount villa will be sole or be rented. Some of the cost is quiet expensive like the server being maintained by One & One System Administrators monitor and maintain the dedicated server. This cost around �99 a month, its vital the sever never brakes down and is not slow some potential customers are able to visit the web site with any problems. The cost of developing the Price Brown Partnership web site can be high because a lot of work goes into developing the images for the future and maintenance to let customers know about what villa are for sale. The web site development is very important because if the Price Brown Partnership web site was not developed well it would not look professional, people viewing the site would likely to leave the site. Conclusion (What I did what I found out) Andrew Braganca Unit 24 8 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level ICT in Business section.

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