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E-Commerce Regulations 2002

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For this task I am going to describe how the government, business organisations and individual plan for the growing use of e-business E-Commerce Regulations 2002 * In 2002 EU issued that all member states must implement these regulations * These must be taken in to account by any business trading online * Purpose of the legislation is to ensure the free movement of 'information society services' across Europe and to encourage greater use of e-commerce by breaking down barriers. Key features of the legislation: * Online selling and advertising is subject to UK law if established in the UK. * Established outside of UK you have the freedom to choose which applicable law to abide by * Recipients of online services must be provided with full details of the trader and how to process the transaction from start to finish o Online services providers are exempt from liability for the content they convey or store in specified circumstances * Changes to the powers of enforcement authorities, such as Trading Standards Departments and the Office of Fair Trading Consumer Protection Distance Selling Regulations * Gives extra protection to consumers who shops by phone, mail order, via the internet or digital TV. ...read more.


growing of e-business Strategic level decisions * Strategic decisions have a big impact on the direction of a business, and whether it succeeds or fails in the marketplace. Location of manufacture and service provision * Businesses are always looking for the best location to carry out production activities, normally the relocate in areas where labour is cheap. * If you operate solely online, e.g. eBookers then it does not matter where you are based. * Some businesses have adopted an e-commerce website and outsourced their customer service function e.g. www.diy.com Re engineering of business processes * A systematic method of examining everything a business does, from top to bottom * Why are they done? * How is it done? * Is it still needed? * Can it be improved? * A business that adopts an eBusiness strategy will need to look at all of its functional areas to see how they integrate with the whole business. Redefining the supply chain * What is a supply chain? ...read more.


Employability and ICT skills * Individuals increasingly have to consider their personal ICT skills. * For those people who are out of work, or considering a career change, it is essential they possess basic computer skills. Increase in flexible working models * IT allows for more flexible working conditions, due to different forms of communication between individuals and organisations - working form home, video conferencing...etc * Increase in part time and flexible working patterns. * Secondments - Many people do not realise that it is possible to explore different career possibilities by temporarily changing roles within the same company. This is often known as 'going on secondment' * Contracting - Agreement between employer and employee on when you work, normally short term work. * De skilling - is the process by which skilled labour within an industry or economy is eliminated by the introduction of technologies operated by semiskilled or unskilled workers. * Re skilling - Staff that lose their job due to ICT must be re skilled so they can gain employment. Company's should try to re skill staff rather than lay them off ?? ?? ?? ?? Bismark Amoah 09/06/10 Unit 29 P4 1 ...read more.

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