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EBusiness Models

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eBusiness Models eBusiness Models The modern business world has evolved from the traditional brick and mortar to require companies to develop some form of eBusiness strategy into their business models. Ebusiness can be simply defined as the use of the internet to connect with customers, partners, and suppliers.(Darwinmag, 1) The advent of eBusiness has not only grown tradition businesses but has also paved the way a whole group of internet based companies that find the online environment as the primary market. There are various eBusiness models but this paper will focus on Business-2-Consumer, Consumer-2-Consumer, and eGovernment. These various models offer both businesses and consumers opportunities to interact that may not have existed before the internet. B2C - BMWUSA BMW is a well known luxury automobile manufacturer that prides itself on building "The Ultimate Driving Machine." BMWUSA.com is the internet website that offers consumers a place to view current models, build and price vehicles, locate dealers, compare models to competitors, and other features that give the customer information about company and its products. The site is primarily used as an information tool for consumers to view the company's model lineup and gather information on events such as car shows and charity events. ...read more.


With B2C eCommerce expected to grow to $184billion in 2004, BMW should utilize their site build online financing and ordering options to differentiate itself from others in the industry.(Darwinmag, 2) BMW uses the site to build good leads for salesman to pursue so that the sales staff is able to contact customers that already have some level of interest in the product. C2C - EBAY Ebay is the world online marketplace that offers services to both buyers and sellers of products that functions like a gigantic garage sale. The mission statement is to provide a global trading platform where practically anyone can trade practically anything. Businesses and individuals will go to Ebay to buy and sell items in thousands of categories. Ebay goes to great lengths to ensure a safe, friendly, and secure online trading experience. From a seller's prospective, Ebay offers an online auction or direct sale to consumers that receives large volumes of traffic from all over the world. Through the 'My Ebay' tool, sellers are able to easily monitor all current items in a single location. There are practical tools that make the selling experience both organized and efficient by generating e-mails notifying both end of auction and payment options. ...read more.


The IRS has extended its services to the internet to give people, businesses, charities, non-profit organizations, Tax professionals, and other government entities a place to quickly retrieve information and critical tax related forms. The internet provides the IRS with a fixed platform where various interested parties can go to retrieve critical documents, find information on changes to tax code, and submit tax claims via the eFile utility. The site offers various services to make document search more user friendly with a search function and a Spanish translated version. The users of the site benefit by retrieving accurate government information and documents in a single resource. The IRS benefits by reducing the volume of inquiries to the actual offices about the documents and other information that is available on the site. Summary All of these eBusiness models serve to inform and engage the target audience and provide an added level of efficiency to the business, seller, or agency. The provider of the internet site has a particular agenda whether to promote or inform and these site provide around the clock access to this information. The sites offer information on product offerings but also corporate or agency information like employment opportunities. In each case, the site serves to improve efficiencies within the firm to market their particular offerings. ...read more.

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