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EBusiness - why is it not just another passing management fad?

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ASSIGNMENT COVER PAGE Your assessment will not be accepted unless all fields below are completed Course Code: (e.g. TMAN- - - -) TMAN7012 Course Name: (e.g. Marketing of Technology) Management of e-Business Technology Location where you study: (i.e. Hong Kong, Singapore or Australia) Singapore Title of Assignment: (e.g. Assignment 1) Essay Family name: Ng First name/s: George Your UQ Student Number: S4002252 Your email Address: Just4jcgeorge@yahoo.co.uk Lecturer's name in full: Dr Andrew Brent GRIFFITHS Assignment due date: 12 September 2003 If late, was an extension granted by your lecturer? (Answer yes or no only if this assignment is being submitted after due date) 1500 - 3000 Number of pages including this one: (Please number your pages like this: page 1of 12, page 2 of 12, etc) Introduction At the peak of the tech bubble before March of 2000, IBM was advertising e-everything, putting a .com behind a business and having a web presence seemed an easy and 'fashionable' thing to do and a must have. EBusiness, with its fortunes closely linked to tech stocks that have bottomed out, was an unfortunate victim in a cycle of greed. (Kotler; "Marketing Management", pg 35) ...read more.


Here governments should also take responsibility by introducing the Internet into all schools, and IT skills training, at an early age, into all national schools' curricula Employees need to be seen in a new light - they need to be seen also as customers, as they are the ones who are employed to communicate with external customers, thus it is essential for companies to overcome any internal resistance to new eBusiness method adoption. � Lack of awareness of potential eBusiness benefits or ' benefits not demonstrated' - In other words, it is difficult for most people, even for those within the IT industry, to keep up with the rapid speed of change, and developments of new technologies. Even at the best of times, people generally dislike change. If people don't understand the benefits of new processes and technologies, then they will not readily adopt new methods no matter how much money a company has spent on them. � Lack of IT skills - There are not enough skilled IT specialists able to keep up the many imposed demands in keeping up with this speed of change. (Charles W. Wessner, 2001) � Concerns over Internet security - Security issues regarding the Internet are still rife, particularly with regards to online payment, however with ...read more.


He contends that "the key question is not whether to deploy Internet - companies have no choice if they want to stay competitive - but how to deploy it". He suggested to gain a competitive advantage businesses needs to build on the proven principles of effective strategy and using the Internet as a complement to not as a replacement of traditional way of competing. He argues that "far from making strategy less important, as some have argued, the Internet actually makes strategy more essential than ever". Conclusion EBusiness is not a fad and continues to evolve in-step with technological advances. Firms have struggled with implementing eBusinesses due to the nature of the change being transformational in the way business was previously thought of. They have been lured by the promises of potential benefits but have not aligned these tools along strategic principles. This position is contrary to Steven's post 196 that eBusiness is not strategic in nature. Firms need to appreciate the obstacles in harnessing real value created by eBusiness through a sustainable model. They also need to look at IT departments in a new way, as revenue generating business units instead of cost centers. Real benefits have been realized by more and more companies in the area of CRM and others too will find their place as well. ...read more.

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