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Economic Changes That Affect Richer Sounds

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Functional areas in Richer Sounds Human Resources In Richer Sounds Human Resources' role is to attract, retain and nurture the right people to the right job. Human Resources make sure the employees are trained to do the right job at the right time. If a member of staff is off sick or on a holiday, they would have to find someone to replace them depending on the length of absence and the role of the person. They also interview and recruit the right staff and carry out induction training for them. Human Resources train staff on new hardware/software and the healthy and safety rules of it. Richer Sounds Human Resources Department also deals with the staffs' welfare even when they are not working e.g. concern about the amount of time taken for illness, to arrange flowers for the birth of a new baby, flowers if a colleague has had an accident and is off sick and sometimes arranging flowers for funeral. Generally they are involved in; * Recruitment and Selection * Training and Development * Appraisal * Sickness * Holidays * Staff welfare * Retirement and pensions * Employment Law * Equal Opportunities * Trade Union activities Finance The Finance department keeps all cash flow records. Cash flow is money coming in (revenue) ...read more.


* Answering individual queries from colleagues about their pay or pay slip and recording changed information, such as change of address or maternity leave. * Preparing monthly management accounts; the annual master budgets and weekly/monthly budget reports; the annual, three-monthly and weekly updates of cashflow forecasts, quarterly VAT returns and annual financial accounts, such as the profit and loss account and the balance sheet. The finance department will work with all other departments providing them with money. E.g. giving Human Resources money for regular or inductions trainings. This department also gives out budgets to marketing and sales department for them to issue wages and salaries to members of staff. Administration AND FINANCE IT departments communicates with finance to: * record all financial transactions * pay suppliers electronically * produce all Richer Sounds financial documents, e.g. invoices, credit notes, statements * check that deliveries have been made and are logged into the stock system before payments for supplies are made * check sales in stores as all the tills are computerised and produce sales reports. All cash sales are recorded using the EPOS system * produce financial reports and accounts. A special report writing system is used and many financial reports are based on spreadsheets, eg cash flow. Budgets are also prepared on computer using a separate system * prepare the payroll and send this for processing to the bank. ...read more.


A videoconference can also include graphics, video clips, and transmission of data or documents. An example of video communication is a webcam. There is no need for delivering graphical documents when they can be sent by the internet. Graphical communication is the way people communicate when they send each other images, graphs or charts. This method of communication is mostly used by the finance department. These may be graphs and pie-charts supporting a written report or scanned images. Examples of graphical communication are: PowerPoint slides, DTP posters and Spreadsheet Graphs. Oral communication is when people speak directly mouth to mouth. This might be face to face in a meeting, over the phone, by intercom, or two-way-radio. The answer machines can also be used to store these messages when the receiver is unavailable. Sometimes oral messages can be sent out to large number of people via a speaker system. Examples of oral communication are: Telephone, Dictating instructions and Interviewing. Written communication is when writing down words or symbols etc in a memo, letter, fax or e-mail. Written communication is sent by e-mail most of the time and kept a copy of but when it comes to sending very important and irreplaceable documents, they are mostly sent by post because the receiver would need the original copy. Examples of written communication are: Letters, E-mail, Memo, Meeting agenda, Reports and Text messages. ...read more.

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