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effective customer service

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Effective Customer Service The impact of effective and ineffective customer service on the organisation The major effects of poor customer service are mainly that visitors, who experienced the poor service will go and tell their friends (potential customers) how bad the business is and turning away new business. The positive publicity of consistently good customer service will encourage customers to increase revenue and income from visitors who received good customer service and told their friends who will also return back to the business. Customer Service Skills There are numerous skills needed in order to offer effective and efficient customer service including skills like communication, interpersonal skills, and product knowledge. In order for an employee to provide excellent customer service they ought to have the following qualities like friendliness, helpfulness, effective use of body language, excellent product knowledge as there is no point in selling a product that you are not fully aware of, listening skills, courtesy and effective complaint handling skills. Communication Skills Communication is paramount to maintain effective customer service. Some methods of communication can be verbal, written, visual, and electronic. Face-to-face, communication involves people talking square on to one another. This type of communication can take place in formal meetings, coffee room/ staff room, one-on-one coaching and job interviews, face-to-face communication mainly involves eye contact, often face to face communication is not possible for various reasons that could be that they do not have the finance to travel across the country, or the language ability to comprehend maybe minimal. The staff will have to deal with angry customers, or speaking to a large group of people, even trying to get the attention of a high level/ authority. Face to face, communication can be done through Chester Zoo's visitor services because it is where the customers can communicate with the staff. In addition, complaints are part of face-to-face communication because the customers can tell the staff or manager what the problem is and how they could go about solving it. ...read more.


Electronic Communication People today tend to communicate mainly via emails, online chat, and Instant messenger etc. Due to the increase of interaction over the internet, there is a general decline in face-to-face communication, as it does not take place as frequently compared to previous years. The larger organisations may use certain methods such as interactive software, Visual Display Units, maps, shared conversations, fax, email, video conferencing etc. The amount of face-to-face and verbal communication in and around offices may also decrease due to the incline of computer based videos, telephones etc. Electronic communication can be a strength for Chester Zoo as it allows questions to be asked without waiting to take turns when in conversation, non-English speakers have extra time to read through the message. However, electronic communication can also be a weakness for Chester Zoo mainly due to the lack of communication taking place through written messages. Hence staff who lack experience or knowledge in their writing abilities are at a disadvantage Also the way the speaker used their facial expressions, intonation, gestures etc may not be perceived by the receiver in the same way, expect through capital letters, bold or italics etc. The context of the messages may be unclear and therefore misunderstood. One method that may be a strength to Chester Zoo would be video conferencing. This is an interactive tool allowing people from different locations to meet face-to-face and perform most of the meeting activities as they would if they were actually in the same room. Chester Zoo use electronic communication with their internal and external customers. Their internal customers often would email current issues regarding Chester Zoo or any general notices about new procedures coming into place that they might need to be aware of. External customers may be emailed for different reasons and these may be due to a member's expiry and if they wanted to renew a membership or an adoption scheme, keeping their visitors fully informed about changes or updates that may be of a concern to them. ...read more.


Gaining support from powerful stakeholders can help Chester Zoo to have more resources. Handling complaints, keeping record and re-medical measures The most challenging aspect of customer service comes when staff has to deal with a difficult customer. This often occurs when customers have found something wrong with the goods/ services they have purchased. When there is a complaint about goods or services that have been provided, staff must apologise, record the complaint, and have a set of their personal details. Improvements can be made if more customers keep complaining about the same product/ service. The most challenging aspect of customer service is when a member of staff has to deal with a difficult and irate customer. The staff should remain calm and handle the complaint fairly, helpfully, and efficiently. Chester Zoo should also ensure that the complaints procedure is easy for their visitors; they should be treated seriously whether it is made in writing by letter, fax, and email or over the phone. In the response, an apology if the zoo was at fault, with an explanation of what the problem was and why it occurred then finally informing the customer of what the zoo have done about and they may include compensation for their troubles. Chester Zoo has a very well thought out internal complaints procedure that would ensure that their customers are not upset even more as what they say is right even if they are not. To Chester Zoo their internal complaints procedure is a strength to their organisation. Overall, Chester Zoo's customer service was very good and their staff were helpful, the staff were also fully aware of their products and services offered by the zoo. Chester Zoo could improve on their communication skills with their internal customers, in order to make fewer errors when dealing with their external customers; this would therefore mean fewer complaints and a decrease in the amount of customers who don't return due to a bad experience. ...read more.

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