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Electronic technology has a considerable effect on Manchester Airport as an organisation and also in individuals

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AIMS AND OBJECTIVES OF MANCHESTER AIRPORT Manchester Airport plc's vision is: "Manchester airport aims is to be the airport of choice - internationally recognised by airlines and tour operators as the partner in the development of their business" The vision includes working with others. This means customers, service partners and employees. It also means the local community. As well as regional and national bodies that have an interest in what the airport does. The airport also works in partnership with other companies and organisation, where appropriate, and where is added value to be gained. Many of this organization also deliver services to passenger. Strategy /business plan Manchester airport plc's strategy is aimed at continuning growth in its network of services. This wil include new destinations and added frequencies to provide the region with the best possible quality of services a competitive fares. The company places great emphasis on the development of ground and air feeder services, and on the provision of first class transfer facilities, so that they maximise its hubbing capability. The airport will argue for the removal of artifical constraints on its growth, such as the bilateral air services agreements. The airport will also pursue new business opportunities, where they have particular skills and a competitive advantage, and where they can make these profitable. Key objectives Manchester airport plc's key objectives for the next decade are to: 1 Increase passenger traffic by: 2 Developing domestic and short-haul international scheduled services 3 Protecting and increasing Manchester airport's share of the inclusive tour and charter market 4 Reduce charges to airlines 5 Increase retail revenue 6 Improve utilisation of capital assets. BUSINESS ACITIVITY The Product of Manchester Airport Manchester Airport is a service company. Its products are mainly the facilities it provides e.g. the runways and terminals and also the services it offers to its customers i.e. the airlines. The Airport Company acts as landlord and guardian of the whole site - providing the infrastructure and main facilities e.g. ...read more.


Ltd and/or its third party providers and distributors. Level 2 It's extremely important to set aims and objectives for the business to make profit, to provide a service, to be charitable, to maximise profits, to win a larger share of the market by taking over a rival company and to ensure services reach those in most need. Business need to strike a balance between their objectives. E.g. Manchester Airport aim is to provide a good service, with height levels of customer satisfaction and efficient use of resources. However, they must also meet tight financial targets as well as to be the Airport of choice. Manchester Airport has been successful in achieving these aims as : Level 3 Airports increasingly present a major infrastructure constraint to meeting the demand for air travel. Airport development often conflicts with other policy objectives and is becoming a highly contentious topic. This seminar aims to address a number of key issues of interest to airport planners and managers and those formulating airport policy. I think they should have Measures to expand airport capacity, which will be considered in relation to both terminals and runways and the interaction with surface transport. Economic and environmental issues will be interpreted. The implications of airline strategies for airports will be addressed, with particular reference to changing patterns of passenger demand and airline operations. In this way the Airport would attract more and more passengers to use the Airport. The Use of ICT Electrical Technology and Communication The rapid rise in the development and use of electronic technology in recent years has affected communication system to a marked degree. At Manchester airport electronic communication systems are being increasingly used and the Airport has introduced computer system and electronic equipment to improve both internal and external communication. Electronic Communication Methods used at Manchester Airport Computer Reservation System Contain information on customer details, availability of tickets, flights and accommodation. ...read more.


* In overseas competition, other airport organizations offer alternative routes to passengers, many other airlines espially other European airlines show a preference to London airports and therefore Manchester airport has to make a good case for airlines to fly into Manchester. * The Manchester airport market service with the help of Greater Manchester Local Authorities Airport run international advertising and marketing campaigns with the hope of this would bring more passengers to fly to Manchester. Economic condition can also have an effect on the airport's performance. The strength of the British currency, pound sterling, against other currencies convince people from UKto travel abroad. This is because they get more of the foreign currency and therefore their holidays would be easier and cheaper. Employment conditions have a great effect and can be a greater factor in people's travel planes. In present time there is close to full employment in the UK and therefore people have more money to spend on travelling abroad. The events of 11th of September had a great effect on the airports as more and more people were not willing to travel abroad at all because of the fear that the plane might get targeted by an anti air missile or the plane itself might be driven by a terrorist or somebody has a remote assistance over the plane. All theses reduced the number of passengers willing to travel abroad and so airlines' profit like Manchester Airport profit fell by a dramatic amount. Growth at Manchester airport has been limited by the oppositions of the British Government to an open skies policy which affected the growth of Manchester airport . Manchester airport needs restrictions to be left by the government I order to be able to competieon equal terms with other airports. This issue is currently under consideration by the European parliament and European courts. The airport's development strategy to 2015 sets out of land use efficiency. Limits have been placed on the physical spread of the airport site. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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